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Lux Game Instructions
The goal of the game is to take over the entire map.

On each turn you place armies, can make unlimited attacks, and then fortify your armies around 1 move each.

You get a card at the end of your turn as long as you take over at least one enemy country.

Eliminate other players from the game to get their cards.

You can cash-in a set of cards (3 of a kind, or 1 of each kind) at the start of your turn for extra armies.

Cards become more powerful the longer you hold on to them.

You have to cash cards when you have 5 or more.

If you hold an entire bonus region at the start of your turn, you get extra armies from it. Use the Bonuses button to look at the regions for the map. Continent bonus values can increase as the game progresses.

You also get more armies at the start of your turn if you own lots of countries, whether they form a bonus region or not. You get (# of countries owned / 3) armies per turn, with a minimum of 3.

Player Info Table
This chart keeps you informed about all the players. Symbol key:
flag = # of countries
army = # of armies
card = # of cards
graph = income (the number of armies earned at the start of their turn. effected by # of countries and continents owned)

Quick Toggle Buttons
Lux includes 2 quick toggle buttons that let you speed up play considerably:

• The '1-attack' setting performs 1 attack per tap. The 'All-attack' setting does a full attack until one side loses, per tap (useful when you have a giant army and want to quickly defeat many countries).

• The 'Manual' move-in setting lets you control how many armies you move into a defeated territory. The 'Auto' move-in setting will automatically move all your armies into territories that you take over.

When moving armies manually (or placing new armies), you can either tap to place 1 army at a time, or tap-and-hold to place batches of armies.

How to Win
1. Kill weak players who have lots of cards!

2. Take over (and hold) bonus regions without wasting many armies.

3. Utilize advanced Strategy.

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