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The top ranked Turtoa players surface
November 15, 2020

The scoreboards for Turtoa Global Rhythm have really heated up this month. Congrats to Jaybird for achieving the remarkable #1 score so far! Here are the current top 10 players:

Turtoa Top Scores - Single Levels
# Player Level High Score
1 Jaybird It's Alive 3,479,177
2 BJ Big Hands It's Alive 3,426,881
3 Budman Nesha Nesha 3,185,790
4 bean💕 It's Alive 3,022,799
5 Quasar Essimo 2,857,000
6 Larz It's Alive 2,535,315
7 Thasyka Merry-Go-Round 2,217,047
8 Lazthedestroyer Essimo 2,111,956
9 East Van Titan Sahala Ala Dit 2,080,520
10 R Guru Mantra 1,986,614

All these top 10 players win a free copy of the full Turtoa game - with access to a whole world of amazing music! We'll get these copies out this week, please get in touch if you're one of these top 10 players.

If you haven't tried Turtoa yet, download it free now for iOS or Android devices:

We still welcome all feedback on the game. We continue to build the game, with plans for more storylines to accompany the musical journey, with a full Mac and PC release of the game coming in 2021 (wishlist on steam if you game there).

Happy November,

Dustin Quasar Sacks

Sillysoft Games

Festival Demo Free Download
June 19, 2020

Turtoa: Global Rhythm is part of the Steam Game Festival happening this week! You can now download a free festival demo of the game to try it on PC and Mac. The festival demo contains 7 levels with 7 different musical styles from around the world! Click the "Download" button on the Turtoa steam page to get it:

The festival got pushed back by 1 week, so our events were moved. New dates:

- Turtoa Livestream: Watch the Maestro play some crazy combos! Friday June 19th, 6PM pacific / 9pm eastern times, will be shown live on the Turtoa Steam Page then.

- Developer Q&A / Chat: Ask us anything! Sillysoft head honcho Dustin Quasar will be online on Saturday June 20th, 11AM pacific / 2pm Eastern / 8pm Berlin to chat. Feel free to drop your questions beforehand too. We are trying out the Discord service for this Q&A.


Watch the 1-minute trailer for Turtoa Global Rhythm:


Translators Wanted

Turtoa has initial Chinese and Japanese translations in it already, as a test to make sure it works with all fonts.

We are looking for people interested in translating the game into their language, and will give out a free copy of the game (or any of our games) in exchange. Please email back if you are interested.


Turtoa Forum

There's a new Turtoa forum as part of the Sillysoft online forums. Come join old friends and tell us what you've been up to.


Let's create good vibrations for the world,
Dustin Quasar Sacks
Sillysoft Games

Turtoa in the Steam Game Festival
May 29, 2020

Turtoa: Global Rhythm now has a coming soon page on Steam. We
are excited to share more about the game and announce that it will be
available for Mac and Windows computers in September 2020. Please
click on the "Add to your wishlist" button on the Steam page to join
the musical journey!

Turtoa will be part of the Steam Game Festival happening in June! We
are planning to offer a playable demo and host 2 live events:

- Turtoa Livestream: Watch the Maestro play some crazy combos! Friday June 12th, 6PM
pacific time / 9pm eastern.

- Developer Q&A / Chat: AMA! June 14th, 11AM pacific / 2pm Eastern / 8pm Berlin.


Mac/Windows BETA

We are looking for more Windows and Mac beta testers for Turtoa. You
get to help shape and form the game during the development phase,
which is pretty cool! Please email us if you're comfortable running
BETA software on your Windows/Mac computer.


Let's create good vibrations for the world,
Dustin Quasar Sacks
Sillysoft Games

Exotic Music from Turtoa 🌍
May 01, 2020

Listen to the Turtoa Top Tracks playlist to hear beautiful & exotic music
from our upcoming video game Turtoa. Becoming familiar with these
songs will help you do better in the game when it comes out.
Please follow this playlist if you use Spotify!

We are still exploring the world of music to add more amazing artists
to the game. If you know of awesome world music that would fit the
vibe, please send it to us.

Turtoa: Global Rhythm is growing at


Online Lux Event - May 7th!

We are hosting another round of "Kill the King" online Lux games next week. Join together with your fellow Luxers to vanquish the dastardly king (that's me).

When: Thursday May 7th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 8pm Berlin
Where: Join the "FEST" host in the Lux Delux network game list.

Questions or advance smack-talk in this KTK forum post.


New Lux AI - Viking

There's a brand new computer AI plugin called Viking now available for
Lux Delux.

It's available for PC/Mac/Linux versions. Download it from inside the
Plugin Manager inside Lux Delux to face off against this cold warrior
from the north!


May we find the joy in every day,
Dustin Quasar Sacks
Sillysoft Games

Lux-down the Lock-down!
April 02, 2020

Many of us have extra time on our hands in the midst of this global pandemic. Video games to the rescue?

As our contribution to fighting the virus, we are giving away free copies of Lux Delux: the Game of Universal Domination! We hope this helps you and your friends stay inside.

Lux Delux is the Mac, Windows, and Linux version of our world domination game Lux. It includes online multi-player, so you can get some socializing in at an appropriate distance.

If you already have a copy of Lux Delux, please forward this offer to some of your friends so they can join in the fun.

---> Lux-Down the Lock-Down here:

This link will be good for the next 7 days, or until 7000 copies of Lux are given away (whichever comes first), so act now!

Stay healthy, stay inside for now,
Dustin Quasar Sacks
Sillysoft Games

Beta testers wanted
February 29, 2020

Global Rhythm Beta Testers Wanted

Our upcoming video game Turtoa is in a playable state and ready for beta testing. As a dedicated fan subscriber, we would like to offer you first chance to experience the game!

The game is definitely not finished yet. Right now it has 8 playable levels (and will have over 100 eventually). We would love your help in trying out what we have so far, helping us ensure it works well on a wide variety of devices, and giving suggestions on how it could improve.

Turtoa: Global Rhythm is an exotic world music video game, a wild ride through fantastic beats and alluring songs from around the globe.

We are starting with testing on mobile devices. If you would like to take part, please email stating your interest and what kind of mobile device (phone or tablet) you use.

Turtoa: Global Rhythm - Gameplay Video
January 31, 2020

Turtoa: Global Rhythm - Gameplay video

We're excited to share the first video of our upcoming game:

Turtoa: Global Rhythm is an exotic world music video game, showcasing fantastic tunes and alluring beats from around the globe.

This video features level music by David Charrier, master of the handpan (hang drum). The full game will contain a variety of extraordinary instruments and fascinating rhythms from cultures across the world.

Turtoa will be coming to both mobile and desktop game platforms in 2020. The exact release date hasn't been set yet.

Alpha Testing

We have been doing local alpha testing and are almost ready to expand our test subjects. If you're interested in trying out potentially buggy game software, please reply with a message explaining why you would make a rigorous tester.


Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina UPDATE

Lux Delux and Lux Alliance have been updated to work on the latest Mac OS version 10.15 Catalina. Mac users please update your Lux Delux to version 6.64 to ensure it runs properly on the latest Mac OS versions.


Hope the new century is treating you well so far,
Dustin Quasar Sacks
Sillysoft Games

Trade War HD
November 29, 2019

Trade War HD Lux Map

Fake news is rampant, and barriers are going up faster then impeachment. The worlds biggest economies are in a full on TRADE WAR!

Thus we bring you the new Trade War HD map for Lux:

This map is sized to fit great on tablets, phones, and desktops all. Download it now from inside Lux DLX (iOS/Android) and Lux Delux (Mac/Windows/Linux).


2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

4 Luxers have been inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, honoring a lifetime of stunning achivements. Congratulations to:

32% winning percentage in over 1100 FH games
69 awards
award winning map maker
most sportsmanlike player award winner
2+ years of mod duty

3275 FH Wins (6th overall)
13128 FH games (8th overall)
3rd seed
most sportsmanlike player award winner

33.39% FH Win Percentage (2nd best ever for 1000+ FH games)
52 awards
40.51% win percentage
First game: Apr 28, 2007

37 weekly wins!
95 awards
1778 FH wins
FH Win Percentage: 27.12%
#1 seed


Our next game surfaces

Sillysoft is working on a new exotic music game. It's set in tropical waters and features groovy rhythms from around the world. Here are some development screenshots to whet your appetite:

Turtoa: Global Rhythms

Turtoa: Global Rhythms

Turtoa: Global Rhythms

Turtoa: Global Rhythms

Turtoa: Global Rhythms

Turtoa: Global Rhythms

Turtoa: Global Rhythms

We're still debating the name for the game. We want to include a musical reference, and a Turtle reference as well. Here are some of our name ideas:

- Turtoa: Global Rhythms

- Rhythm Turtles

- Turtoa: World of Music

- Turtle Drum

- Turtoa: Global Grooves

- Turtoa: Oceans of Groove

Which name is your favorite? Please let us know at !


Thanks for partaking in our shared indie game adventures!
Dustin Quasar Sacks
Sillysoft Games

Luxtoberfest 2019 and flash sales
October 04, 2019

Luxtoberfest 2019 is here. Opening day will be happening on:
* Sunday October 6th

Starting at:
* 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 8pm Berlin

Opening day will consist of Winner-Picks style, definitely some Kill the King game mode, chatting about Lux memories and more. Come join the FEST host in online Lux Delux to participate.

Luxtoberfest 2019 Schedule:

October 6: Opening Day

October 7-11: Classic themed tournament

October 16-20: The Mighty Mushroom tournament

October 21-25: Roman Masters Tournament

October 26-27: Crazy Blobs days

As the month continues, full details will be announced in the Luxtoberfest 2019 Schedule thread in the forums.


Online Rankings Tweaks:
We are moving forward with 2 weekly rankings ladders:

• Biohazard Weekly - for all mutants

• Luxtopian Explorers Weekly - featuring the best and favorite maps and settings (non bio-deux!)

Seeds will be calculated based on position in both ladders.


Luxtober flash Sales!

Lux DLX on iOS - 40% off now until October 10th!

Lux DLX on Android - 40% off now until October 10th!

Lux Delux on Steam - 50% off now until October 7th!

Lux Alliance on Steam - Sale coming October 7th-14th!


We Had A Baby Boy!

Things have been a little quieter in Luxtopia over the last year,
because we've been welcoming a new human being into the world! Here's
a few photos of the newest Luxer: Leonidas.


Turtle Drum - Tropical Music Game - Teaser

Here's a little teaser of what Sillysoft is building next:

Beta testing soon...


Retrieve past registrations

All registered Lux Delux and Lux Alliance users can always retrieve
past registration codes to play anew. They also come with a key to
play on the steam platform!

Retrieve your past registrations and steam keys here.


Happy Luxtober,
Dustin Quasar Sacks
Sillysoft Games

Australia-Uluru HD Map
April 29, 2019

Australia-Uluru HD Lux Map

Sillysoft is pleased to introduce a new HD map of Australia, featuring Uluru (Ayers Rock) as a powerful connection-nexus. The map is sized to fit great on iPads, and also works on all other devices.

You can download it now from inside Lux DLX (iOS/Android) and Lux Delux (Mac/Windows/Linux).


Mission Me - creative mobile game

Our latest game creation is Mission Me, a mobile focused augmented reality game. It's a free download for iOS and Android devices.

Testimonials direct from App Store reviews:

"Love the missions. Quirky, interesting & challenges me to be a better human" - Azarethroy

"A surprisingly effective vehicle for self-reflection and growth" - Jubilee86

"This is for motivated people or people who want to get motivated... point is ITS FOR EVERYONE!" - JoelEmbiid69

Download the Mission Me app for free now!


Retrieve past registrations

All registered Lux Delux and Lux Alliance users can always retrieve past registration codes to play anew. They also come with a key to play on the steam platform!

Retrieve your past registrations and steam keys here.


Blessings to your unfolding spring,
Dustin Quasar Sacks
Sillysoft Games

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