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Roman Battles Lux - Creation of an Empire

Roman Battles Lux is an expansion pack for Lux Delux containing 10 wars of Ancient Rome.
More ScreenshotsBuy Now - $9.90
RBL age of kings Screenshot    RBL mt gaurus Screenshot    
  • Command Roman Legionnaires during the height of the Republic!

  • Unify the Italian Peninsula from its inception in 753 BC up until 224 BC.

  • Roll the dice and see if the Gods will favor you this day!
  • More ScreenshotsBuy Now - $9.90

    Roman Battles Lux contains maps of these Roman conflicts:

          RBL age of kings
          RBL mt gaurus
          RBL mt vesuvius
          RBL lake vadimo
          RBL bovianum
          RBL sentinum
          RBL pyrrhic war
          RBL agrigentum
          RBL first punic war
          RBL telamon

    More ScreenshotsBuy Now - $9.90

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