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African Empires

It is the twilight of the 19th century, and an impressive array of African empires is concerning itself with territorial expansion. The fortunes of each power will be greatly influenced by the nature of their geography; an effort has been made to give some balance with regard to the strength of the collective powers. See if you can defeat the other eight empires and secure the continent from Cairo to the Cape!

MOROCCO, a sultanate situated on the northwestern extremity of the continent, will strive to aggrandize itself to the detriment of the Ottoman regency of Algiers or the predominantly animist peoples of the western Sudan.

EGYPT, while recognized as a de jure part of the Ottoman Empire, Egypt enjoys a generous degree of autonomy that has permitted it to establish its sway over considerable portions of the eastern Sudan. It is probable that its interests in the north-central Maghreb will lead to conflict with Morocco.

ABYSSINIA, a largely Oriental Orthodox empire that has been extending its dominion principally to the prejudice of the Somali, Afar, and a congeries of Omotic peoples. The expansionist tendencies of the northerly Egyptians have been the subject of much concern for Abyssinia, which remains acutely conscious of its military deficiencies and historical status as an enclave of Christendom in a sea of Islam and animism.

BAMANA, an animist empire of the western Sudan that has suffered greatly from the depredations of the jihad states of West Africa. While numerous Islamic states have endeavored to subjugate this “heathen” realm, the empire has continued to resist such offensives with great tenacity.

SOKOTO, the most puissant of the Jihad states, is a great Islamic empire that has striven to assert itself as a paragon of Islamic reformism and thus a bulwark against “heathenism.” The empire has concerned itself primarily with the subjugation of its eastern neighbors, whose subjects—by reason of their adherence to animism—are fair game for enslavement.

KONGO, an empire on the northwestern littoral of southern Africa whose commerce with the Portuguese has facilitated the introduction and diffusion of impressive new forms of technology, sundry trade goods, and Roman Catholicism, which has been declared the state religion. As a consequence of its spatial structure, the kingdom will encounter singular challenges as it attempts to extend its dominion over the polities of the hinterland.

ROZWI, a largely Shona empire under the authority of the Changamire dynasty. From its base in Mashonaland, the empire came to conquer an impressive number of chiefdoms and states—a consequence of which was the decline of Portuguese influence in the hinterland of the area. If the heirs of Great Zimbabwe are able to withstand the tumults of the region while successfully expanding their realm, the Shona may soon enter into a new golden age.

AMBOHIMANGA, a predominantly Merina kingdom that has come to dominate the island of Madagascar. Owing to the efforts of its late queen—the perspicacious Ranavalona I—the Merina have preserved their sovereignty in the face of European imperialism and have succeeded in extending their territory all the while.

ZULU, an empire erected by the powerful nation to which it owes its name. Having consolidated the traditional boundaries of their domain, the Zulu Empire has been expanding progressively northward for many years, although its advance has been recently checked by the Rowzi Empire.

Created by JWN. Version 1.0 released April 19, 2013.

African Empires is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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