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American Civil War Map — More MapsLux Alliance Game Info

American Civil War

Team Map
Team 1: The Confederate States of America (Lee, Johnston & Bragg)
Team 2: The United States of America (McClellan, Sherman & Grant)

The population of the United States is steadily spreading westward into new frontier, searching for prosperity. By 1854, the territory of Kansas is ready to enter the union, and the country is once again thrown into the slavery debate.

The South wants to allow for the extension of slavery into the West. The North wants to contain slavery to where it exists. The abolitionists wanted to end slavery altogether. In an attempt to find a compromise, Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas pushes an act through Congress that says, in Kansas, the issue will be decided by a vote. The act is met with outrage in the North, where the abolitionist wing is growing stronger. Immediately, activists from each wing flood into Kansas to influence the vote; it isn't long before violence erupts. Pushing the country ever closer to all-out Civil War just before the Presidential election of 1860. The country is badly divided. Due to the split in the Democratic Party, the newly formed Republican Party wins the White House with their leader, Abraham Lincoln. In protest, the southern states secede from the Union and form the Confederate States of America.

It is April 1861, Confederate forces have surrounded the Union outpost, Fort Sumter, in Charleston harbor and demanded it's surrender. Lincoln has called for troops. The four bloodiest years in American History have begun! Will government of the people, by the people, for the people, perish from this earth?

Created by Mark Bauer. Version 1.8 released February 24, 2011.

American Civil War is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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