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Ancient China

Rules: Cross rivers where ever there is a bridge.

c.1122 BC-c.256 BC
The power of the Ji family, who has ruled China for hundreds of years, is waning. The once loyal warlords can sense the growing weakness plaguing the Zhou Dynasty and are keen to exploit it.

In a sign that they now view the Zhou emperor as nothing more than a figurehead, the warlords adopt the title of King and begin to consolidate their power by annexing nearby states. In an audacious move, the powerful Zhi family attempted to form an alliance with the Wei and Zhao families in a devious plan to secure dominance. However, the Wei and Zhao had plans of their own, turning on the Zhi King and wiping out his forces.

The Zhou emperor looks on helplessly as China plunges into chaos. Other warlords join the fray in an attempt to seize control of the ailing empire. The northern Yan family immediately attacks their archrival, the Qi. The Chu army is heading towards the Zhou capital at Luoyang. Qin Shi Huang leads the once backwards Qin kingdom and is quickly emerging as a most formidable opponent.

The Warring States period has begun! The Zhou Dynasty is crumbling! Save the empire before it's too late!

Created by Mark Bauer. Version 1.2 released January 5, 2011.

Ancient China is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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