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Austro-Prussian War

Germany was not a united country until the late 19th century. For around a thousand years, the region of Europe known collectively as Germany consisted of a mass of quarreling states, duchies, kingdoms, and electorates.

The two most powerful states in Germany were the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia. Austria had developed as a country during the late Middle Ages, absorbing its neighbors and becoming an empire under a branch of the Habsburgs, the same family that ruled the Spanish Empire. While initially it had suffered the greatest losses to the armies of Napoleon, Austria emerged from the Napoleonic Wars more powerful than ever.

Prussia had risen to prominence under the rulership of Frederick the Great during the 1700s. After the Seven Years' War, Prussia became the second most powerful nation in Central Europe, and this position was reaffirmed after the Napoleonic Wars.

The question of German unification had always been a tense issue. It had helped spur revolution in 1848, and in the international politics of the 1800s, which were based on a tight balance of power that meant no one nation in Europe could be allowed to achieve sole dominance over the continent, there were a lot of forces working to prevent such a thing from happening.

However, that did not stop some people from dreaming of such a thing. The sly and calculating Prussian diplomat, Otto von Bismarck, hopes that he will be the one to achieve this great goal. He engineers a war with Denmark in 1864, and Austria and Prussia unite to assert their dominance over Germany. But just two years later, he manipulates a dispute over the conquered territories of Schleswig and Holstein to create a war between Prussia and Austria.

The time has come for Germany to unite under one banner. Whose will it be? The Iron Cross of Prussia, or the black and gold of the Austrian Empire? Will the state-of-the-art Prussian needle rifles guarantee victory, or will the forces of Bismarck and Moltke be overpowered by the superior numbers and devastating artillery of the Austrians and their German allies?

Created by PerseusSpartacus. Version 1.0 released March 27, 2016.

Austro-Prussian War is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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