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Chadian-Libyan War

The Aozou Strip—a mere 44,000 square miles of desert—would seem to be of little consequence. However, as the territory is believed to be plenteous in uranium and various minerals, Libya had been endeavoring to “reclaim” the Aozou Strip on account of an unratified Franco-Italian treaty (1935) that would have ceded the narrow belt of land to the Italians. The government of Libya has represented that as the aforementioned area—with its predominantly Teda population—bears a greater resemblance to Libya than to Chad, foreign states cannot gainsay the fact that the Aozou is an integral part of the “Libyan nation.”

Libya, which successfully occupied the Aozou Strip in 1973, extended its dominion over the territory in 1975. Henceforward, whereas Chad has been striving to reassert its authority in the area, Libya has been concerning itself with the establishment of a pro-Libyan régime in Chad that, in addition to recognizing Libya’s control of the strip, will facilitate the extension of Libyan influence into the countries of Central Africa.

Fight to protect your control of the Aozou Strip and buttress your satellite government in Chad as it expands southward; avail yourself of the assistance of Libya to oust the pro-French government in the south; or battle to defend your motherland from Libyan aggression and retake all that is yours!

Created by JWN. Version 1.1 released May 11, 2013.

Chadian-Libyan War is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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