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Cosmic Clash Map — More MapsLux Alliance Game Info

Cosmic Clash

Anzus Federation - Vesta and Bona Dea
Holy Alliance - Taurons and Romulans
The League of Delos - Morta and Morsa
5 Colonies (1 player)

The 5 colonies of Virgo are perfectly situated along the Delphic corridor, splitting the Canturius Galaxy in half. Travellers and traders needing to get from side of the galaxy to the other are forced to pay handsome duties to the colonies. As a result, the colonies have grown very rich and very greedy. Tired of the endless duites and ludricous tolls, the rest of the galaxy has descended upon the colonies determined to break up the monopoly, or, take it for themselves!

Created by Mark Bauer. Version 1.5 released October 14, 2010.

Cosmic Clash is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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