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EXTREME AMERICAN CIVIL WAR Map — More MapsLux Alliance Game Info


When it comes to Civil Wars, there is one that comes to everyone’s lips – The American Civil War.

The emotions and beliefs that forged a nation, even a divided one are just as relevant then as they are today.

Both sides fought and died for their beliefs and what was right within the minds of men, in one of the bloodiest periods in American history.

To honour the gallant and the fallen on the 150th anniversary (2015) of the end of this great and epic war (1865), that was the turning point in American history developing into a united nation and a model for future generations to follow; this map is my small contribution to the event.

Please Note:
Blue lines - Connect to various land areas.
Canada and Mexico - These counties are up for grabs, but they are heavily guarded and fortified.

Special Note:
Various cities on the map are connected to each other by a railway system for faster movement on the map. Remember though not all cities are connected to each other, so you will need to capture one city to connect/capture others; cities are worth some extra points, so guard them well.

Edit Notes:
1.0 - Fixed the overall railway system, which included re-adjusting artwork and country connections.
1.2 - Added ship names as well as ocean and lake names.
1.4 - Added city names for easy identification.
1.6 - Touched up Jefferson Davis photo, getting rid of defects and scratch marks.
1.8 - Added extra non-player units to Canada and Mexico; making it harder for players to conquer them.
2.0 - After some play testing, re-positioned generals for a slightly more balanced look. Some opposing generals are closer than usual-but will add some tension to the game.
2.2 - Double-checked country connections and fixed some I missed while playing the game; especially city connections via rail.

Created by Peter Karsten. Version 2.4 released July 18, 2014.

EXTREME AMERICAN CIVIL WAR is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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