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EXTREME ROMAN BRITAIN Map — More MapsLux Alliance Game Info


Londinum has been sacked…and the Emperor is not pleased.

Various Celtic tribes in Briton have rebelled and the Roman Legions stationed there have been forced back to the mainland licking their wounds.

In response to this indignity, the Emperor has dispatched three of his best Legions to quell the insurrection of the Celtic tribes once and for all.

The priority is to win back Londinum and then to destroy all the Celtic tribes.

The pride and prestige of Rome must be reinstated, and the barbarians dealt with, without mercy.

The Celtic tribes now liberated face Roman reprisal; but they are even now quibbling amongst themselves for power and land.

Will the Celtic tribes unite and defeat Roman domination forever or will the might of Roman supremacy be their destiny?

Please Note:

Blue Lines – Connect to various land masses over sea areas for crossing over.

Created by Peter Karsten. Version 1.0 released May 8, 2015.

EXTREME ROMAN BRITAIN is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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