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EXTREME WORLD Map — More MapsLux Alliance Game Info


So you want to conquer the world…well?…now here’s your chance to see how good you are. As an aspiring General you have the opportunity to do just that. In this winner take all battle, you must prove your worth. But let’s be fair, you can’t have it all your own way, especially since there are other Generals who think the same way as you do.

They say the number thirteen is unlucky…will you be one of the thirteen Generals to die in a blood soaked battle to the death competing for world domination?...or will you be the last General standing, the proud victor gazing proudly over your newly won conquest?

Please Note: Light and dark Blue lines are for crossing sea areas to other land areas; and the red arrows (and dark blue lines) indicate passage to the other side of the map.

2.0 - Redid/added new background.
2.2 - Redid/added new foreground.
2.4 - Retouched island areas by separating them with light blue background colour.
2.6 - Re-adjusted some country shapes.
2.8 - Redid connection lines in a different blue.
3.0 - Added new graphics.
3.2 - Redid/recolour/reposition 'Extreme World' Title.

Created by Peter Karsten. Version 3.2 released October 1, 2013.

EXTREME WORLD is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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