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The Peloponnesian Wars
431-421 BC, Archidamian War. 415-413BC, Sicilian Expedition. 415-404BC, Ionian War.

Toward the end of the 5th Century BC an uneasy duality of power emerged between two former Greek allies: The Spartans and the Athenians. On one side there was muscle; Sparta's single minded armies were unchallengeable on land. On the other there was wealth; Athens' booming economy bought it naval supremacy.

This was the Athenian golden age and Sparta wasn't happy about it. The inception of Athenian democracy strained relations even more. Sparta’s oligarchy viewed this political experiment with deep suspicion.

During Persia’s invasions of Greece two leagues had been formed to unify its defence: The Athenian’s Delian League and the Spartan’s Peloponnesian League. Ironically Athens and Sparta now demanded their allegiance should war brake out placing one half of Greece on alert against the other.

Hostilities began when the far northern city of Corcyra requested Athens' aid against reprisal from its former ally the Peloponnesian League. So began two decades of bloody civil war that would engulf most of Greece and its many islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas, Persian forces from Asia Minor and even the far-flung Syracusans of Sicily.

Version 1.13
Changes to start scenario: Small increase in troops for team Democracy. Changed team icons.

Created by Behemoth. Version 1.13 released June 15, 2011.

HELLENIC WARS is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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