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In 73 BC slaves at a Capuani gladiator school earned their freedom the hard way, fighting first with kitchen knives and choppers and then the weapons of guards who stood in their way.
The escapees fled to the heights of Mt Vesuvius, attracting many more slaves to their ranks en route. Initially viewed as a crime wave, Rome dispatched a small legion to exterminate the rebels. It was the Romans though who suffered defeat. Surprised by the news, Rome dispatched greater numbers. These legions too were defeated.

The gravity of the situation finally sank in; Rome was at war with an army of slaves led by gladiators. Among its leaders three names stood out - Crixus, Oenomaus and Spartacus. As news of their triumphs spread thousands more slaves fled to join their number.

In Rome fears ran high for the safety of the city itself, especially with Pompey and the bulk of Rome’s forces fighting in Spain. Sensing the city needed a hero, the wealthiest man in Rome, Marcus Licinus Crassus, volunteered to crush the rebellion. With command of 8 legions he did manage to drive the slaves southward, but the task of ending the rebellion finally outweighed his rampant ambition for military glory and he requested help, a decision he would immediately regret. Rome sent Pompey, a hugely popular seasoned military commander and the one man most likely to steal glory away from Crassus.

Meanwhile disunity among the slave leaders saw the army break into factions with Spartacus leading one group and Crixus and Oenomaus another.

Three forces now stood rival, the army of Crixus and Oenomaus, the legions of Pompey and Crassus and the Spartacan army.*

*Partly fictionalized account.
-Oenomaus died in battle before the slave army broke into factions.
-Crixus did lead a faction of slaves but was defeated by a Roman Legion at Mt Garganus before Crassus took command of his legions.
-Crassus defeated Spartacus before Pompey arrived at the final battle near Rhegium.

Created by Behemoth. Version 1.0 released November 5, 2010.

SPARTACUS is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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