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Map for the Diplomacy Game Vox 
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USApocalypse Map — More MapsLux Alliance Game Info


5 Player Team Map. 2vs2vs1

Team 1: Alianza del Eje Sur (South Axis Alliance)
Members: Reino de Los Zetas (Empire of the Los Zetas Cartel), Socialist States of America

Team 2: American Liberation Front
Members: Eastern Alliance, Texas Confederacy

Solo: New Canada


Mid-Late 21st Century

* US economic downturn dubbed 'The Greater Depression' * Constitutional amendments void role of Judicial Branch * Seceding states challenge Presidential authority * America’s rank on The Human Development Index falls from 0.84 to 0.51 in a decade * The International Boundary Commission’s '42nd Parallel Treaty' recognizes Canada’s territorial claims over traditionally US held land. White House refuses to sign. Canada begins construction of 1800-mile long wall along disputed boundary line * Texas Confederacy and Eastern Alliance formed * Privately funded tests in Cuba make breakthrough into fusion energy. Estimated value of Cuban rights to exploit trade secret 10 fold the nation’s debt * Storms in southeast displace millions. Florida completely obliterated * IMF list Cuba among world’s advanced economies. Cuban financed re-development of America’s southeast begins * Los Zetas paramilitary invade L.A. as covert units kidnap families of top-level US military staff. Command and control of US forces compromised. Los Zetas declares victory * Rioting in southeast escalates after police and military refuse to intervene. UN authorizes Cuban peacekeepers to restore order * Nuclear strikes breach 'The Great Wall of Canada' in Wyoming and Illinois. Responsibility for attack remains unclear * Los Zetas claims massive explosion on Mexican border work of rival cartel, not botched nuclear test * Cuba finishes construction of 'Nueva Havana', formerly Miami. The Socialist States of America is formed *

Created by Behemoth. Version 1.09 released May 22, 2011.

USApocalypse is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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