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By mid 9th century the Vikings had established settlements in numerous parts of the globe, including the British Isles, Scotland and Ireland. The passing of ‘Danelaw’ by the Viking warlord Guthrum formalized Danish claim to the territories and trade routes he’d conquered in Britain. Only Alfred the Great from Wessex persisted in a campaign to drive the Pagan Danes out. This dispute was interrupted though when a much greater threat materialized. Viking warlords Ivar the Boneless and Björn Ironside had arrived, and they’d brought a Great Heathen Army with them.

Meanwhile across the English Channel the late Carolingian King’s three sons Charles, Louis and Lothair I had let disputes over their royal inheritance develop into civil war. When Charles and Louis emerged eventual victors they absorbed their defeated sibling’s territories into their own: Louis’s Eastern Frankish Kingdom and Charles’s Western Frankish Kingdom. But neither Kingdom was able to properly defend against ever more frequent attacks by Vikings; bit by bit they were losing the very territory and wealth they had fought each other to acquire.

Charles's woes deepened when the legendary Viking King Ragnar Lodbrok and a fleet of 6000 men set sail for Paris, forcing him to pay a massive ransom to prevent the city from being wholly destroyed.

As desperation set in the two Frankish Kings looked for new allegiances. Charles the Bald and Alfred the Great agreed to work as one while Louis the German aligned himself with the powerful kingdoms under Danelaw.

But would these measures be enough to curb the tide of Vikings or was Scandinavia about to get a whole lot bigger?

Author's note - While the people and places in this account existed, this is not intended as an historically accurate depiction of how events played out during the 9th century.

Version 1.2 - Increase of income and army count for Danelaw and East Franks.

Created by Behemoth. Version 1.3 released November 19, 2012.

VIKING AGE is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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