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WORLD WAR II - EUROPE 1942 Map — More MapsLux Alliance Game Info


It’s the Second World War and the five major powers-USA, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and Italy are at war – it’s the Allies (USA, Great Britain and Russia) verses the Axis (Germany and Italy). Europe has become a battleground to determine the future of the world.

There are various countries declaring neutrality in protest of the war; but 3 years on, tensions are high, will these neutral countries survive with their meagre army against the might of Hitler’s Nazi Wehrmacht War Machine and Mussolini’s Fascist Dictatorship Regime or will Churchill’s Imperial Conservative Empire, Roosevelt’s Democratic Constitutional Republic and Stalin’s Communist Bolshevik Army win the day.

Special Note: Blue Lines which connect to countries are for movement over ocean/sea areas.

Log Entry Up-dates:
1.07 - Decided to alter 'World War 2 Europe' as 'World War II - Europe 1942' as another version, but this time only having 2 teams representing the Axis & Allies.
1.08 - Added new overground of navy ships.
1.09 - Added ship names and emblem symbols.
2.00 - Added new connection between Greece and Tobruk.
2.01 - Added city names.
2.02 - Added city pictures.
2.03 - Added submarines, their name and German emblem symbol.
2.04 - Added 1 Castle unit for Britain on the Cairo space.

Created by Peter Karsten. Version 3.0 released April 10, 2013.

WORLD WAR II - EUROPE 1942 is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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