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War of the Spanish Succession Map — More MapsLux Alliance Game Info

War of the Spanish Succession

The year is 1700, and the King of Spain, Charles II is dead. Since Charles failed to produce an heir, there is huge debate over who will take his place. The French Bourbons argue that Philip V should be king, hoping to merge France and Spain, while the Austrian Habsburgs claim that Charles III should be king, and that merging France and Spain would ruin Europe's balance of power. Since both candidates are distant relatives of Charles II, they both have equal standing. War soon breaks out, as the House of Bourbon forms the Party of the Two Crowns, and seeks to unify the crowns of Spain and France. The House of Habsburg forms the Grand Alliance, to prevent that from happening at all costs.

Party of the Two Crowns:
- France
- Bavaria

Grand Alliance:
- Austria & Savoy
- Britain & Dutch Republic
- Portugal

Created by Matt Ferro. Version 1.2 released July 1, 2018.

War of the Spanish Succession is a Map for the computer game Lux Alliance.

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