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The companion page to PlayerProfiles. Please join in creating descriptions of all the different bots.


Reaper -

  • Writer: Bertrand
  • Strategies: A highly advanced bot that can play very well. Teaming behavior is customizable through chat commands. Likes to kill weak players for their cards, and pop or steal continents. Come visit the ReaperPage and add your comments. His chat personality can be customized. Anyone can add keyword/responses in ReaperKeywords.

Nefarious -

  • Writer: Preacherman
  • Strategies: Teams up against humans: extra dangerous when multiple are present in a game. Like to kill off weak players. Chatty little slich. Called Nef by her friends (as if she had any). Probably drinks Pernod, sec.

BotOfDoom -

  • Writer: GregM
  • Strategies: Tough bot. Teams against humans when multiple are present, though this can be turned off. Enjoys taking them out.

BotOMatic -

  • Writer: GregM
  • BotOMatic is a bot that is customizable by the user. See the BotOMatic page for details.

Chimera -

  • Writer: Sillysoft
  • Strategies: Randomly chooses the behavior from other hard AIs. You can configure the list of bots it chooses from.

Braniac -

  • Writer: BrainChild?
  • Strategies: best at 5-5-5, not very good when cards are involved

Killbot -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: Goes out of its way to take out individual players. Goes for continents aggressively and defends them with a force of 20 armies on each border, then masses armies for the next attack.

Quo -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: One of the smarter bot designs out there, Watch out, in a 500 game test run using various boards, quo won 47% of its games against nef, boscoe, evil pixie, shaft, and bort. Same as shaft except it attacks for cards, too.

EvilPixie? -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: Like Pixie (below), with a mean streak. She likes to attack neighbors.

Boscoe -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: Subclass of Yakool that moderates its attacks. Sometimes enjoys shafting. If one player is too strong Boscoe tries to take out all their continents.

Shaft -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: Will only attack under certain situations. The effect is often that Shaft spends entire game sitting in one place, or if it can get a continent, then sits on the continent. Doesn't attack. Simply hoards its armies until it is the strongest player on the board, then tries to take over the board in one turn. Probably drinks Colt45, warm.

Cluster -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: Considers a 'cluster' of countries rather than the continent as the primary consideration. Defends its cluster of countries, tries to join up multiple clusters into one super-cluster. If its cluster contains a continent, all the better, but that isn't the primary drive.

Pixie -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: The opposite of Cluster - Pixie is primarily motivated by taking and holding continents.

Yakool -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: A child of Cluster with the additions that it tries to get cards and tries to take out the continents of people who are too strong.

Communist -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: When deploying armies, determines which country has the least amount, and adds one to that one. Repeat until all armies deployed. Attacks to take one country, fortifies based on a communist temperment, then ends its turn. Rinse and repeat. Probably drinks Moldavian Porto.

Angry -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: Just attacks as much as possible. Drinks multiple straight shots of Tequila.

Stinky -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: Stinky has no brain. He attacks totally randomly. Do not worry about this bot, it has some of the worst strategy, comparable only to the worst n00b immaginable.

Ravitar -

  • Writer: rip
  • Strategies: Teams up against humans. Sometimes shafts. Gloats when she takes you off the board. Not currently available to the public. Probably drinks Vodka, neat.

Bort -

  • Writer: Dustin
  • Strategies: Subclass of Boscoe that tries to do only one attack per turn. Was removed from the built-in bots to make room for Killbot.

Defender -

  • Writer: SunTzu?
  • Strategies: Defender was specifically designed for starting scenarios. He will not try to win the game, but he will work hard to protect the countries he was assigned at the beginning of the game. Probably drinks Guinness Stout.

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