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------ Bertrand's Alternative Scoring System ------

Long term
Week of 2008-03-30
Week of 2008-04-06
Week of 2008-04-13

A zero-sum system calculated like this:

 New score = Previous score + Base score + Skill score
 Base score:
 1: +10
 2: -2
 3: -2
 4: -2
 5: -2
 6: -2

NOTE: the base score is halved if the spread between the winner and the average of the other players is greater than 20, and eliminated if the spread is greater than 30. This is to prevent good players from boosting their score by exploiting beginners and bots.

 Skill score:
 Add 1 for each opponent that you beat and has a higher or equal score than you.
 Subtract 1 for each opponent that beat you and has a lesser or equal score than you.
 Sample games:
 Dominator                 Previous score=27    New score=27    Delta=0     Base=0  Skill=0
 the tide                  Previous score=9     New score=9     Delta=0     Base=0  Skill=0
 Hobbit                    Previous score=-1    New score=0     Delta=1     Base=0  Skill=1
 BUSHWACKER                Previous score=-1    New score=-2    Delta=-1    Base=0  Skill=-1
 VanDeGriend               Previous score=-13   New score=-13   Delta=0     Base=0  Skill=0
 ~Q~                       Previous score=-18   New score=-18   Delta=0     Base=0  Skill=0
 Gibbron                   Previous score=-1    New score=11    Delta=12    Base=10 Skill=2
 RL.GREINER                Previous score=35    New score=32    Delta=-3    Base=-2 Skill=-1
 Boscoe                    Previous score=-46   New score=-45   Delta=1     Base=-2 Skill=3
 snarl                     Previous score=13    New score=9     Delta=-4    Base=-2 Skill=-2
 Killbot                   Previous score=-36   New score=-38   Delta=-2    Base=-2 Skill=0
 An Asshat                 Previous score=-15   New score=-19   Delta=-4    Base=-2 Skill=-2
 Unregistered              Previous score=-9    New score=-3    Delta=6     Base=5  Skill=1
 EvilPixie                 Previous score=-50   New score=-47   Delta=3     Base=-1 Skill=4
 yls                       Previous score=8     New score=5     Delta=-3    Base=-1 Skill=-2
 EvilPixie                 Previous score=-47   New score=-47   Delta=0     Base=-1 Skill=1
 Killbot                   Previous score=-38   New score=-41   Delta=-3    Base=-1 Skill=-2
 Quo                       Previous score=-39   New score=-42   Delta=-3    Base=-1 Skill=-2
 An Asshat                 Previous score=-19   New score=-7    Delta=12    Base=10 Skill=2
 Killbot                   Previous score=-41   New score=-40   Delta=1     Base=-2 Skill=3
 Boscoe                    Previous score=-45   New score=-44   Delta=1     Base=-2 Skill=3
 snarl                     Previous score=9     New score=5     Delta=-4    Base=-2 Skill=-2
 RL.GREINER                Previous score=32    New score=26    Delta=-6    Base=-2 Skill=-4
 Killbot                   Previous score=-40   New score=-44   Delta=-4    Base=-2 Skill=-2
 oliv                      Previous score=-23   New score=-9    Delta=14    Base=10 Skill=4
 EZRydeR                   Previous score=0     New score=-2    Delta=-2    Base=-2 Skill=0
 BrianS                    Previous score=-21   New score=-22   Delta=-1    Base=-2 Skill=1
 Unregistered              Previous score=-3    New score=-6    Delta=-3    Base=-2 Skill=-1
 Communist                 Previous score=-49   New score=-50   Delta=-1    Base=-2 Skill=1
 Mam67                     Previous score=11    New score=4     Delta=-7    Base=-2 Skill=-5

------ Raw Pot: Winner Takes All ------

In this scoring system, all players contribute to a raw pot at the start of the game. To be precise, 4% of each players raw goes into the pot. At the end of the game, the winner gets all the raw in the pot, and the losers lose the 4% that they put in.

The 4% value can be changed, and different values will give different results.

See Raw Pot: Week of March 30

Some sample games:

 Player           Start Raw     Change  Final Raw
 chance688             1000        200       1200
 ricardo               1000        -40        960
 Andy2356              1000        -40        960
 Tech1                 1000        -40        960
 bountyhunter          1000        -40        960
 Gibbron               1000        -40        960
 the tide              1098        204       1303
 Andy2356              921         -36        884
 pls                   1134        -45       1089
 Mud                   1068        -42       1025
 Deuce                 1072        -42       1029
 Stinky                921         -36        884
 magpie                1216        190       1406
 SpiderMan?            1314        -52       1261
 MOB                   1446        -57       1389
 Reaper                479         -19        460
 HASSE                 1055        -42       1013
 AndrewTheGiant?       460         -18        442
 3DA                   2846        409       3256
 GYPCOUNT              3124       -124       2999
 xShockAndAwex         1002        -40        962
 VivaLosChichos       1038        -41        996
 magpie                2533       -101       2431
 Soundboy              2547       -101       2445

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