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You can use BotOMatic to create a bot with a custom strategy and chat personality. To customize the bot, select BotOMatic for a private internet game (check "Allow other players to join" but not "Advertise game internet wide"). In the game, type "botomatic setup" in the chat window. A new window should appear: the strategy setup screen.

Strategy setup
On the strategy side, you can either have BotOMatic imitate the strategy an existing bot, or you can pick and choose features from BotOfDoom. To imitate Communist, for example, just select "Use strategy of: Communist" from the drop-down menu. If you select "Custom BotOfDoom Strategy" some checkboxes will appear and you can selectively turn on or off features from BotOfDoom. For explanations of these options, just hold you mouse over each option.

Chat Setup
You can also give your bot its own personality in the game chat. Click on the "Go to Chatting" button to get to the chat setup screen. Here there is a drop-down menu where you can choose what type of chat comments to set up.

Turn Chat
Here you can enter comments the bot will make of its own accord at the start of its turn. You can set the probability that the bot will say something on a given turn.

Response Chat
You can have your bot respond to certain phrases when they are said by others. The left-hand list contains "watch phrases" that the bot can react to. The right-hand list contains possible reactions to the currently selected watch phrase. If you want your bot to say "hi" when someone else says "hello", enter "hello" as a watch phrase and then "hi" as a reaction to it. You can use the symbol * as a catch-all symbol in watch phrases. For example, the watch phrase "I like * food" will match "I like Chinese food" and "I like good food". In reaction phrases, you can use "_" (an underscore) to refer to the person who made the comment the bot is reacting to. So the reaction "Hello, _" would be "Hello, Bob" if Bob is the person to whom the bot is responding.

Lose Chat
To have the bot say something when it loses, enter some phrases here. This works the same way as turn chat. In these phrases, an underscore will be replace with the name of the player that kills the bot.

Win Messages
If you enter any phrases here, the bot will display one of them when it wins. If you don't enter any phrases the bot will just use a message from the bot it is imitating.

Kill Chat
These are messages the bot can send when it kills someone. In this case, an underscore will be replaced by the name of the player the bot killed. So "Haha, _. I killed you." might become "Haha, DeadMan3313. I killed you."

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