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Bots First Doctrine - Because we're in this together, comrade.

Each human player has the responsibility to cooperate with other humans to eliminate all computer players (a.k.a AI or Bots) from the game. Bots-First'ers believe that it is respectful to play Lux within this code of conduct, which benefits the rankings of fellow humans and promotes goodwill among Luxers. Here are the three basic laws of the Bots First Doctrine, as conceived by vonibot:

  1. Never eliminate a human before a bot (a.k.a. AI).
2. Never weaken a human who is defending themselves from a bot.
3. Never let a bot eliminate a human.
3a. Never intervene to protect a human if doing so puts you at risk of being a victim of one of these laws.
  Once all bots are eliminated from the game, the rules of engagement are as free as your imagination and wit. Good luck. 

Primary goal: To maintain community goodwill among human players.

Secondary goal: To prevent any bot from gaining ranking points.

Ultimate goal: To win.

- The host can also start the game with no bots (see "Hosting Tips" in the Lux Guide). This, however, lessens the ability to gain rank off the extra bots and can be boring if there are only two or three players.

Darwinism - Good enough for mother nature, good enough for Lux

This is a belief counter to the "Bots First" code above. Darwinists believe that exciting games will result from everyone looking out for their own interest. A Darwinist will not differentiate between human players or bots in making whatever strategic move advances their survival and increases their chances of winning the game.

Primary goal: To win.

The Bottom Line

In Lux etiquette, the host may declare an expectation of "Bots First" at the start of the game. If s/he does so, then the players will be expected to eliminate the bots first. This declaration must be done at the start of the game. (Note that there may be some people who do not listen to the host. There may also be hosts that restart if players do not listen to them. Be ye warned all.)

If a host does NOT specify "Bots First" at the start of the game then it is every being for its self.

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