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Wiki -> Chat Commands

This is a list of commands you can use in the chat:

Commands available to everyone:

  • /help or /? - open this page
  • /desc - print out the description of a game
  • /u - show a list of connected users
  • /c - display current card options (also tells you what round it is)
  • /g - make yourself a guest only (switches on and off)
  • /go - make yourself a guest only (guest-out)
  • /gi - make yourself a player (guest-in)
  • /me <description> - perform an action in the chat
  • /re <description> - perform a reverse blue action in the chat
  • /love <description> - perform a loving action in the chat
  • /sing <description> - perform a musical action in the chat
  • /i <player> - Open a users ranking page in your internet browser
  • /a <player> - Check this player's alias page
  • /mute <player> - mute the specified player
  • /debug <text> - send a bug report to Sillysoft
  • /report <text> - send a report with the recent chat to Sillysoft

Helpful Tip: Press the Tab key after typing the start of a player's name and the rest of it will be filled in for you. (full details)

Commands only available to the host:

  • /start - start a new game
  • /desc <description> - change the description of a public networked game

  • /megamute <player> - mute this player for everyone
  • /boot <player> - disconnect an inactive player or guest
  • /ban <player> - ban the IP address of an abusive guest
  • /clearban <player> - clear all banned IP addresses

  • /map <map> - switch to the given map for the next game
  • /maplock - Lock the game to this map (useful for Autoplay games)
  • /setcards <card-string> - switch the card settings for the next game, ie: /setcards 5e10
  • /setconts <cont-increase> - switch the continent settings for the next game, ie: /setconts 15
  • /settime <seconds> - switch the timer for the next game
  • /setrank <true|false> - switch the ranked setting for the next game
  • /setauto <true|false> - switch autoplay mode to on or off

This page is part of the Lux Guide. Read it to learn all the hidden Lux tricks.

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