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- How to Play: Classic Risk - 4,6,8,10,15,20,... - 0% - >20 seconds -The key to winning this game is to kill your opponents and get their cards, not their continents

-This Guide is written by Pars

-This Guide is regarding the Classic Map


Playing the Classic map at lux is a lot different from the boardgame risk. The map is almost the same as the boardgame but the card value each time you cash in your cards is different then regular risk. Once you understand how cards value works you will immediately realize that continents are less important.

There are 3 fundamental things to learn about the cards:

  • 1a. The difference of cashing in your cards at the beginning of your turn and cashing in your cards during your turn
  • 1b. How the value of the cards increase and work
  • 1c. How to cash in cards when you have eliminated a player during your turn

1a.The difference of cashing in your cards at the beginning of your turn and cashing in your cards during your turn: This is very simple. When it is your turn you can cash in your cards if you have a set (3,4 or 5 cards does not matter) as long as you have a set. If you eliminate someone during your turn and get his/her cards the game settings require that you have at least 5 cards to be able to cash them in right away. Conclusion: At the beginning of your turn you can cash in your cards as long as you a have set. It does not matter how many cards you have but to be able to cash your cards during your turn, you must have at least 5 cards.

More information about how to cash in your cards during your turn comes on 1c.

1b. How the value of the cards increase and work: In the headline you can see a series of numbers (4,6,8,10,15,20) starting from 4. The first time in each game that someone cashes in their cards they will get 4 extra troops to place on the map. Next time someone cashes in their cards , he/she will get 6 extra troops to place on the map and the following will get 8. Then we reach 10,15,20,25,30 and so on.

What is important to learn here is that each time you cash in your cards, you have raised the value for the next player. For instance:I have 3 cards and a set, I cash them in, last cash value was 20, so I get 25, but it also means the next player to cash in their cards will get 30.

1c. How to cash in cards when you have eliminated a player during your turn: When you are about to eliminate a player make sure it is worth it! All kills won't win the game for you. The cards will win the game for you. When it is your turn to play you might have 1-5 cards. If you have 5 cards the game setting forces you to cash them in, it wont let you have more then 4 cards without cashing them in. But if you for instance have 3 cards but not a set to cash in you have 2 options:

  • a. Just take an country and end your turn and and get a card then wait until next turn
  • b. Kill somone with at least 2 cards.

Why 2 cards? Because to be able to cash in your cards the same turn after killing a player the settings requires 5 cards or more, as I mentioned earlier in 1a.

So, if you have one card and you kill someone with 3 cards = you have 4 cards during your turn, which means you can't cash them in. After you end your turn you will also get a card for taking at least one country during your turn. So you will end up with five cards until your next turn and that makes you very tasty for other player to kill in the meantime.

Also remember don't '"halfkill'" someone just to see someone else kill them and get easy cards from them.

This might be boring or difficult to understand right away, but trust my words, sooner or later you must learn this or you will see yourself eliminated game after game. When you master this your winning skill will raise right away.

Interesting statistic:

Most new players win about 4-10 % of the games they play. Regular players that master this win at least 14 %. Most of them win about 18-27 % of their games, but if you learn the cards and some other things along the way you can reach 35-40 % (full human games). A few players have that impressive record. You can be the very next!

Practice this when you play against bots (not humans). You can choose different bots, they all behave different. Start with some simple bots, then raise the bar for yourself. If you choose the bot Reaper you will notice that he only tries to kill you for your cards. Reaper will not halfkill you for a continent. Currently he is the best bot.

2.Now we get to the fun part- Playing the game and killing good players.

Experienced players are easy to play against, they are very predictable. New players(Newb or nOObs) as they are named are more difficult, because you will never know what they might do next. They love to take several continents and suddenly they can hit a large army just beaceuse it scared them. So you can play perfect but still get hafkilled by a new player and the turn after an experience player will eliminate you for your cards.

When you enter a a Classic room online most of the time the settings are on 4,6,8,10,15,20,... - 0% and the time more then 25s.

4,6,8,10,15,20 = cards value when you cash them in 0% = Continents bonus raise 25s = Time limit per turn (seconds)

After you have entered the room, make sure to open the info window.

The info window provides you with vital information, following: a. Name of player b. Type, if it is a bot or human, and what type of bot c. Countries (how many countries you have) d. Armies e. Cards f. Income

d and e are more important then the others to remember.

Then type /g to guest in/guest out. When you are guest in you have chance to get in a game. If there are more then 6 players guested in, the shuffle decide who gets in, if its on random. Most of the time the room setting is on shuffle. But on saturday and sunday the host can change it to Highest ranked first. This option is only possible during saturday-sunday. There are several room settings, these are the most common in Classic hosts.

When you get shuffled in, the game starts, with 6 players, it can be fh( full house, 6 human player) or for instance 3 humans and 3 bots or 5 humans and a bot etc.

On the info window you will see who starts, if you're name is on line 2 , it means you're the second player to play. Each turn you will get atleast 3 armies to place,depending on:

  • 1.How many countries you have
  • 2.Continent bonus
  • 3.Cards to cash in

Begin your turn with placing your armies. Then take a country so you will get a card, Try to take a empty country, don't waste your troops. Then fortify and after that end your turn.

Remember this! There are 6 player and 6 continents in a classic map, but almost 100 % of the games one player has to nomad, which means he will not get a continent.If all six player would get a continent there would be no space to card. You will see some fight for continents, but most of the time none of those two will win the game.

So, take a fast look at the map, if you think you have a chance on a continent, add armies on a country in that continent. Don't rush for it one first turn, let others farm it for easy cards and you will get the continent cheap.

If player "red" has one army in the continent you want and you have armies in his/her continent, farm for him/her and most of the time he/she will farm for you. This way both of you will get the continents you want and you have not lost more then necessary armies taking it. Play wise and use your charm.

After you have a continent don't add to much on the borders, it will just make your neighbors jumpy. The first 3-5 turns you will see experienced player take a continent, one nomads and all looks very peacefully. They build their troops (most of the time in asia) and then after turn 4 people start killing each other for cards. Turn 5 and 7 are important survival and line up rounds, place your troops wisely in positions that leave your options open.

Now comes something important, when you're about to kill a player make sure he/she is worth it. If current cash is 6 and next is 8 it is not worth killing someone with 25 troops. You will just lose more then you get back and you have raised the cash value for next player. Most of the winning moves comes in turn 6 or 8. On turn 8 several player have 4 cards and cash value has reached at least 20. A double kill or more in that situation will most likely win the game for you. Because cards = troops

The games are fast, 5-15 min (sometimes more or less).

Remember that the key to win this game is to kill your opponents and get their cards, not their continents.

There are more strategy tips on the site Strategy. If you have a question during a game ask the other player, they will help you out. You can also ask in the forum.

Good luck and have fun.


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