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Welcome to the Defender page!

Defender was specifically designed for starting scenarios. By default, he will not try to win the game, but he will work hard to protect the countries he was assigned at the beginning of the game.

Defender has several default preferences you can set by editing Defender.txt in a text editor, which is located in the Lux/Support/Agents/ folder. The options are:

  • winGame = true or false - Determines whether Defender will try to win the game if he gets an enormous advantage.
  • popContinents = true or false - Determines whether Defender will try to pop continents.
  • killForCards = true or false - Determines whether Defender will try to kill players for cards.
  • farmForCards = true or false - Determines whether Defender will try to farm easy countries for cards.
  • chat% = 0-100 - Determines the percentage of Defender's turns that he will chat.

The options for Defender can also be changed via the chat box, but they will revert back to the default settings found in Defender.txt every time a new game is started.

Typing 'Defender help' will bring up the following help screen:

 Type the following commands in the chat box to change how Defender will play this game.
 The default settings can be set in Defender.txt, located in the Lux > Support > Agents folder.
   Defender help  	-->  This message will appear in the chat
   Defender status	-->  View the current Defender settings
   Defender reset 	-->  Reset all options to defaults
   Defender win   	-->  Defender will try to win the game
   Defender nowin 	-->  Defender will not try to win the game
   Defender pop   	-->  Defender will pop continents
   Defender nopop 	-->  Defender will not pop continents
   Defender kill     	-->  Defender will kill players for cards
   Defender nokill	-->  Defender will not kill players for cards
   Defender farm  	-->  Defender will farm for cards
   Defender nofarm	-->  Defender will not farm for cards
   Defender chat  	-->  Defender will chat
   Defender nochat	-->  Defender will not chat

Here are some forum topics about Defender:

Version History

  • 1.0 Defender is born. He focuses on defending the countries he owns when the game starts. He does not try to win the game.
  • 2.0 Defender is completely recoded
  • 2.1 Defender now has the following options you can turn on or off via Defender.txt in the Lux/Support/Agents/ folder:
    • Try to win the game
    • Pop continents
    • Kill players for cards
    • Farm for cards
  • 2.2 Defender now has the ability to chat, and options can be set and viewed in the chat box.

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