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What has the Classic player learned that helps him or her on other maps? What are the skill sets that help MOTW achieve greatness? Is the experience of a Rome player applicable on any other maps? These are all valid questions.

1.) Classic players learn how to kill and path for double/triple/quad/quint kills for CARDS. I always see players on other maps make a single kill and then use the armies for defending their income rather than going after another player. Proper pathing is key when it comes to classic since classic is focused around cards and kills .. you need to learn how to path properly to make clean kills (not to mention multi kills). Careless pathing in classic is a huge mistake .. and players learn to pay attention to those details.

On other maps where income is dominant .. it might not matter if you miss a possible kill because of bad pathing/poor anticipation if you have a high income .. in classic it means game over. When players have a high income they can also make easier kills because their army count is so much higher than everyone elses and they steamroll people.

In classic, most of the time the kills are TIGHT and proper pathing is usually the difference between a kill or miss. Sometimes even 1st and 6th.

2.) Good classic players are great at a cost benefit analysis when determining when and when not to kill. Since the game is centered around kills, players need to know when to GO and when to HOLD. I'm not only talking about when army count is higher than cash, but also how strong opposing players are, how many cards they have, how many cards I have, do I have a wild, where am I in the cash order, how many cards will I have if I miss. All of those things make a huge difference and should be taken into consideration when making a kill.

On income maps people tend to just take income and give players away .. or just kill for the sake of killing (not everyone, but I do see it a lot).

3.) Another attribute that the classic player has, is the ability to anticipate events in the game. As I have said before, classic is centered on making kills. As soon as the game starts the classic player should know who his potential targets are and who may potentially be targeting him/her. This should affect a lot of the decisions made during the game .. about remote placement and farming .. ect. Once players are getting ready to perform kills, classic players place their armies so they are targeting the most people at the same time .. early cashes cannot be predicted so it is important to have as many people lined up as possible when your turn comes around.

So many times I see players defend pointless income on other maps rather than setting up a kill. Or even locking themselves from killing someone who is on 4 cards and then goes to 5. If you do this in classic you wont win. Period.

4.) Classic player are also great at troop conservation and management. Since income is low and cards are high Classic players need to conserve as much troops as possible to avoid being killed. This includes being conservative from the start, to getting those extra 2 guys because you have the card of a territory you own, to just not being reckless.

I always see people act reckless during income based games .. slamming income only to defend it weakly and give it to a stronger player.

5.) DEFENSE is another great thing that classic players learn. Since classic players are expert killers .. they should also be experts on avoiding being killed. This means looking at potential threats and having remotes that are inaccessible to them. You could be blocked by another player or even put extra men behind a choke point so you can't be killed.

On income based maps I have had people kill my remotes because they don't understand why I have it there if I'm not going to use it to pop their income .. people just put all their troops in one spot and don't even think about how much harder it is to be killed if you have multiple groups of troops on the map.

6.) LOCKING. Classic players know all about locks since the map is so small and they either force someone to not card, lose extra men, or prevent a kill. Classic players are extremely aware of how they farm and making sure they don't lock themselves or unlock potential threats.

I always see players on other maps lock themselves by farming .. or unlock players by farming .. I have even won games I shouldn't have because people unlocked me by farming in the wrong spot.

this is the tip of the iceburg .. I could go on for even longer...

Other players might not master all this stuff because of the high income and they don't need to DEPEND on cards. Its way easier to look at the player info box and the income than to sit there and try and analyze the board to get the best possible kills off .. I mean damn there is a lot of stuff to look at and there is only 30 seconds to make a decision and execute it. I would have never learned this stuff without classic .. because mastering the little things is what makes you a better classic player.

Don't get me wrong .. I'm not saying that people who don't play classic are incapable of being good players .. because there are a lot of really really good players who don't play classic. I'm just saying that most players won't learn or pick up on all these things by just playing income based maps.

These are things that can be applied on any map that uses escalating cards .. playing new maps adds a whole new dynamic and twist .. but if you have good basic "lux fundamentals", an understanding of cards, and an understanding of how to play income .. you can play any map well. It has nothing to do with "mastering a map." The only thing to master in a map is knowing the pathing and knowing the income rates. Thats it. Classic is just a great map at developing your skills .. and they can be applied anywhere .. people just prefer the classic map because of its balance.

Good luck reading that. Originally written by Dominator as this forum post.

There's more on the collective Strategy page.

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