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Glossary of Lux terminology.

AFK - Away From Keyboard.

Alias - Other names that a player with a primary identity uses.

Asshat (ăs'-hăt) - v. asshatted, asshatting, asshats

v. tr.
To significantly hurt another player without significantly improving your own position. SnyperPie asshatted me in River Castles by breaking my castle while leaving himself wide open to retaliation.
One who asshats There's a fine line between a good Bio player and an asshat

Assgrab - Source comes from SnyperEye's sly hand grabbing Precious' booty. The Assgrab is now molesting all rear ends of Lux as a gesture of friendships. SnyperEye Assgrabs Everyone

Ass hate - Term used by Tortoise for hitting ones income

AssQuat - A term used to describe a bigger type of asshat that attacks and sqauts in your territory making it difficult to gain higher income.

Attacker Advantage - The person attacking rolls one more die than the defender, and thus... usually has a statistical advantage. 80 attacking armies could very well be enough to beat 100 defenders.

BBL - Be Back Later

Bot - AI or computer player

BRB - Be Right Back

BRB, coffee - Back in 40 minutes

BTW - By The Way

burn - To kill off ones own armies for the benefit of another player, usually done in trade. eg.. "I will burn my 2 armies in SA if you burn your 2 in Oz." Some players find this COMPLETELY unethical, so don't be offended if the answer is "NO". Don't feel pressured to waste your armies by burning them just because somebody asks.

Card Lock - When a player cannot farm any easy countries in order to get a card. Sometimes used as a strategy to force someone to hit another player.

Cash - To trade in a set of cards for armies.

Card Game - Game with high value card increases where the continents matter less such as 4 6 8 10 15 20 25 or 5 10 15 20 25 30

Chronic Noob Thinking Disorder - The subject amasses tons of armies in Oz. Occasionally the subject has been known to call continents in the chat window. It has been documented the subject will occasionally spend upwards of 10 armies to take South America in round 3.

Clowns- A group of wacky luxers whose weapons of choice include pies, whoopee cushions, links that go nowhere, and type rs frantically if they are not in the game. The clowns united in November 2007.

Damn -
1) "oops, I botched a kill"
2) "did everyone see that terrible dice roll"
3) both of the above. Definition #3 is the most common.

Diced - When you get really bad dice that foil your plans.

Dustin (Quasar) - Cool Lux Owner and Creator

EU - Europe

Farm - To take a card by conquering a weak country; that country is being "farmed".

fh - Full House, meaning either a six-human game or enough available players/guests to make one.

Figs - Official Fruit of Semi's. Also known as phfigs to those in the know.

FTC - First to cash, or first to cash. Usually used in the phrase "FTC wins" when referring to a late-game stalemate.

FTW - For The Win

gg - Good Game

General Asshattery - A term used to classify those rare individuals who aren't satisfied with one or two types of misbehavior. Anyone suspended for "general asshattery" has willfully, and unapologetically, indulged in most of the following: excessive whining, complaining, taunting, profanity, hate speech, targeting, griefing, half-killing, suiciding, stalking, harassment, report spamming, abusing AFK control, etc. It's usually simpler to specify which rules they haven't broken yet. Their six human win percentages often remain in the single digit or low teen range, despite hundreds or thousands of games played. In other words, these "players" are high functioning trolls, scoundrels, vagrants, and louts. Professional board flippers, if you will. You wouldn't let 'em date your sister, or babysit your children, and they'll piss in your hot tub too. Beware.

Griefing - A griefer is a player who does things in a game to deliberately cause annoyance ("grief" in the sense of "giving someone grief") for their own enjoyment. Examples include half-killing on purpose, constant suicides, and targeting specific players. This is a bannable offense.

Half-Killing - The act of killing a good portion, usually more than half of, an opponent's forces thereby leaving them at the mercy of their enemies. (See "Damn" above)

Ham of Peace - The Ham of Peace is a mysterious and wonderful Ham, which graces us with its presence at both times of great peace, and times of great disturbance. The Ham is wise, the Ham is good. The Ham's caretaker is kinda hot, although it's been said that the Ham is glazed, so it reflects a nice, golden healthy looking light that makes anyone look good.

Hear Hear - I agree. Shortened version of longer phrase commonly used in the British Parliament (e.g. "Hear, ye good people, hear what this wise and prudent speaker has to say.")

Hedgehog - Curl up in a small ball and look painful. (It sometimes helps to growl a little). Survival method is similar to the turtle but is usually at the end game where one player looks massive and you hope they avoid your "spikes" on their run round the board. Typical Bio play.

Hot Carl! - Best not to ask what this means.

ijiot - You don't know what ijiot means?! The fact that you had to look it up makes you an ijiot... AquaRegia and mbauer are currently involved in litigation over the copyright; Aqua calls Barstar to the witness stand!

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion.

iJedi Mind Shield© - Let's be clear, there is no accessory more important to the Lux player than the iJedi Mind Shield©. The iJedi Mind Shield© offers defensive shielding from the more harmful effects of the Jedi wave form. It is not a fully mature technology and thus currently unable to offer 100% protection. However, wearing a FURBALL patented iJedi Mind Shield© a player may gain as much as 73% Jedi shielding per game. Players may also purchase additional packages designed for specific players such as the "el toro iJedi Mini Pack" with a newly incorporated anti-poo teflon body spray; the "SET iJedi Menace" package with a 45,000 watt stun gun on a 20 second recharge rate; the all-in-one "iJedi Gender Bender Pack" for the sexually deviant (this is a metro-sexual package that includes photos of relevant players such as Pale Kate and Orlando, of "I'm not a poof" fame). There is also the "Preacherman iJedi Full Body Suit" with pocket calculator and ear plugs; the anti-alias "iJedi Hobbit Focker" kit with whine control; and, finally, the "Michelle iJedi Face Shield" (offering an additional cup for males and kevlar corsette for females). More packages will be announced as they are developed.

Jedi Mind Waves - Jedi mind waves are generated by players seeking to influence the behavior of others. Particularly skilled practitioners of the Jedi mind wave art, or "Jedi masters," are able to generate massive disruption and confusion among the uninitiated. The use of Jedi mind waves by Jedi practitioners generally results in decisions by the victim not only perilous to players *other than* the Jedi master, but also to the victim him or herself. For example, under Jedi influence, player X may decide to slam all 300 of his/her armies into neighbor Y under the mistaken belief that player Y is an imminent threat, has engaged in threatening-like behavior, or is simply a wanker requiring immediate and forceful removal. Player X and Y are subsequently destroyed either by the Jedi master or another player. Rest assured, the beliefs motivating these actions are the product of player Z, a Jedi master, who has subtly (and sometimes blatantly) influenced player X through the skillful use of Jedi mind alternating waves. For the most skilled of this art, only a postmortem reading of the chat logs will reveal the full extent of the Jedi's work.

jwd's Homemade Jedi Mindshield™ - Similar to the above iJedi Mind Shield©, but has been put together using salvaged iPods, Mac minis and a metal colander. And, jwd's Homemade Jedi Mindshield™ goes to 11.

Kam - Kamchatka, the most northeast country in Asia, linking Asia and North America.

Kill Kill Kill™ - Battle cry of jwd. Also seen used by jwd to cheer on fellow Luxers in battle. You may use it, but you owe jwd $10.

Kiwi Pie - A rather foul concoction made of imitation dill flavor and green Jell-O; also, an alleged torture device employed by red nosed tyrants sympathetic to the omni cult.

Lincoln - The all knowing God of Lux before whom we all bow.

locked - Can mean 'card locked' (see above), or also when your big armies are surrounded by countries you own. So they can't attack anywhere, there are locked away from the battle. These armies can be 'unlocked' by moving them, or if another player opens them by conquering a neighbor.

LMAO - Laughing my ass off

Lorenzo Lamas (Llamas) - The FALSE Spiritual Leader of the Llustrious Order of the Lluminated Llama. If you run across this fekakteh mamzer please contact Llux Llama or Llama Llang immediately!

Luxtopia - The world of Lux

Maayea heee! Maayea hooo! Maayea ahaaa! - Official song of Lux. But Preacherman owns the copyright, so everytime you sing it you have to give him $5.

Marathon (also Stalemate) - A game of Lux that continues for a long time because players are too busy chatting, drinking, having fun, making fun of raw whores, etc.

MB - only use this abbreviation in reference to mbauer, never, I repeat never use it to mean "maybe," that is strictly looked down upon.

ME - Middle East

Memory Lux - Another lux variant dreamed up by SET. In Memory Lux all army colors are made to be so similar it's impossible to tell who is who. A challenging game, unless you are Mike who seems to have beyond human memorization skills.

MFG - Mapmakers Feedback Group. A peer critique exchange in the Map LAB forum, designed to give mapmakers reliable access to a range of high quality feedback. According to its minister of propaganda, the regime does NOT commit human rights abuses and has NEVER possessed weapons of mass destruction. ;)

Mod - Forum Moderator. Lux's answer to standing on the top of a ladder in the middle of No Man's Land smoking endless cigarettes through a luminous balaclava.

Modstick Also referred to as Jedi Modstick - A device used by Lux Forum Moderators to edit posts, delete posts, lock threads, and delete threads. Rumored to have been used in doctoring at least one poll in the past. When used for Good™ many can be heard singing its praises for keeping order in the forums... When used for Evil™... Please see artist illustration - .

NA - North America

NAfr (or N AF) - North Africa

Nef - Nefarious, an increasingly evil AI player written by Preacherman

Nomading - To consolidate armies not go for a continent and roam looking to make kills.

Newb (not n00b) - Newbie. Someone who is new to Lux. Newbies will often do things that don't make sense, but that doesn't mean they are being stupid or rude. Newbies, not n00bs, are sometimes willing to learn and can become great players, but some newbies that get harassed as though they were a n00b become agitated and either quit or become a n00b for being stereotyped as one. It's generally better to make sure you can destinguish who is a newb and a n00b so you don't turn a newb into a n00b, or a n00b into an even worse n00b.

Noob (also n00b) - Not to be confused with 'newb', a n00b is a person who may or may not be new to a particular forum and/or game, but generally knows the rules and decides not to follow them which usually makes them SEEM like a newb. N00bs are often rude, obnoxious, and attack with no clear strategic objective thus killing both themselves and their unlucky neighbor. Otherwise refered to as an idiot or a moron. A more recent term has emerged for n00b which is "turnip" as in "look what fell off the turnip truck"

N00b-0-Gram - N00b-0-Gram: A small packet of armies, usually in the 10-50 range, that is used to weaken every other living player in a game that has gone into the marathon stage; the attack does not succeed in taking a territory however and is separate from a regular attack. Occasionally referred to as N0G'ing. Created during the host The World That Never Was in which the room eventually disappeared from the Lux Tracker for unexplained reasons.

OMG - Oh My God !

one-way connection - A tricky innovation in Lux maps. A one-way connection between two countries means that one country is able to attack another and fortify into another but not the other way around. Used in a variety of themes for unique gameplay ideas. Invented by Preacherman, mastered by Sylocat.

OZ - Australia

Pop Hat - One who pops poorly defended income. This new term will only apply to the Rome map where players consider it tantamount to a declaration of war.

Ranktard - A player who cares more about their ranking than fun, honor, or atmosphere.

RAW - The ranking system of Lux. It is based upon every player having a raw score. The highest raw is the best. Everyone starts with 500 at the reset. For every game that is played a calculation is done of every player vs every other player. See the Ranking System page for more details.

Rawtard - Someone who desperately plays for RAW, but still manages to suck.

Rehost - When a host closes their game and then immediately re-opens it. In effect this mixes up who is in the top 6 and gets to play the next game. This used to be much more common before shuffle was added. Some hosts still prefer to use rehosts as a means of managing who gets to play in games though.

/Report Feature - The report feature is used to communicate in-game abuse. This is done by typing /report and then a brief description of the complaint. A chat log is then sent to the administrator. This is a very limited way to disclose a problem, because if the problem isn’t obvious in the chat, nothing can be done to remedy it.

Please do not abuse this feature. Sending reports as a joke can get you a warning ban.

Romicide - A retailiation move on the magnitude of 10:1 or more. A Romicider will send all available troops in response to the slightest provocation. Where as the same move on non-Rome maps is considered a suicide, Rome players consider this move as defending one's right to retaliate.

ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing

rs - Restart

SA - South America

Satelite - A group of armies away from ones main territory that is used for farming or to make kills and to make it harder to be killed by being more spread out.

Seed - Raw score results calculated by taking the best 12 of the last 16 weeks of rankings for each player.

Shenanigans - A cry of protest. May be used when players disapprove of a host changing the hosting options to something like Highest 1st, etc.

SLEEPY (MICRONATION OF) - The first Micronation of Lux. Formed on Friday Sept. 23rd 2005. Home to the magic armies of SET, pale kate and countless lazy others.

Slux - Usually a vixen-like female who expertly plays Lux, while also playing the players. This is done by various tactics. (See Weetling, Blox)

Sod Off - Go away immediately.

Spamming - To post meaningless drivel into the forums (or chat) that adds nothing to the conversation in order to let you hear (read) your own voice (text) and raise your post count.

St00pid/Stewpid - The official spellings of "stupid." You say st00pid, I say stewpid, can't we all just have a fig? Also, see here.

Start the Car-It's time to say your prayers because you're about to die. First used by Edge62.

Suicide - To give up on winning and kill off all of ones armies. Usually done to keep someone else from winning.

Targeting - When a player makes moves to ensure that another player loses, even if it means that the attacker will lose as well. An example is attacking a specific player every turn. This is also a form of griefing and will get you banned.

Teaming - A preplanned arrangement spoken or unspoken between two or more players to benefit each other more than the other players in order to have a better chance at winning. Must happen over multiple games, not just one instance.

Teleport - When you take someone out of the game and are about to cash their cards for a set, left click to only attack once instead of right click which will auto place all your men. If you attack once all the remaining armies you are attacking with will be able to be placed anywhere on the board along with your newly cashed armies.

The semi-holy church of Lux (Hosted by Preacherman) - (Un)Official Cult of Lux. Join now or be smited. Lincoln Rocks on.

The anti-holy church of Lux (Hosted by mbauer) - A rebellious cult started to defy the semi-holy church. Disbanded after an epic defeat, resurrected and now fighting again.

The omni-holy church of Lux (Hosted by Eice and Lantern) - The third cult of Lux; The omni-holy church of Lux was founded with intentions of being the church for the non-anti/semi's. It is the youngest of the three, but it is also the fastest growing.

The Undergods Treehouse Developed by Drifter A place anyone can call home. It was specificaly introduced as a home for all the newcomers to Lux but is also a place that is open to all, old and new. Designed by KingPatrick and of course built and engineered by paranoiarodeo. With a grand ballroom and entertainment for all walks fo life, feel free to come on bay and take a load off! Oh yeah, don't forget to try the figs!

The Tight-Rope of Lux - A term referring to the rarely played Hawaii with 8-15 second turn time limits and 50% continent bonus increases. So named for the fact that the map is basically linear and one wrong move means certain death. Look forward and keep it together and you might win, look down for even a second and it's all over. Can YOU walk the line???

Turtle - When a player with no cards (sometimes 1) just sits and does nothing; they are "turtling", withdrawing in the hopes of surviving longer.

Turnip - a more recent term for "n00b"

Twitch - Similar to "The Tight-Rope of Lux" above but on any map. Cards set to 5,10,15, 50% continent increase and 8-15 second turn time. There are two versions of the origin of this name - Twitch and you die or Play for long enough and you will start to twitch. It's rumored some of the first twitch games were hosted by SET.

USSR - Russia

Wettling - Distraction tactic used by Slux to improve their chances of winning a game. Although it has happened that a non-playing guest have engaged wettling, for no other reason to distract the players. Wettling can be done by one Slux, but is often more enjoyed if its done with two Slux. A Slux engaging a playing player, is often a very efficient tactic, as the other players fumes in jealousy, and the affecting player is dazed in a blissful state.

WhirlPlaiding? - When a player is killed, by whatever means, in Round One or Two of a Forum game. Named after moderator and all-round good guy WhirlPlaid. Note: Do not EVER assume this applies to WhirlPlaid?'s play in non-Forum games, or you will be amazed at the speed with which your tender bits are handed to you.

WOC - Wall Of Chum. When a player walls off Asia by occupying Siam, China, and Siberia. Named after Chumdinger.

WTF - What the Fuck? Usually heard frequently in the same sentence as words like "Nef", "dice", and "Kef", or at anytime when playing with Vonibot

Wub - Love

You Rock! - This means...well...that you rock. It's usually used in reference to furball and those with the ability to emote.did everyone see that terrible dice roll kit with whine control; and, finally, the

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