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Lux Settings and how to win in online Lux Delux

The most important lesson for playing Lux online is to know the different card and continent settings. They set out how the game will be won.

0% continent increase, 4,6,8,10,15,20 cards

A 0% continent increase means that continents quickly become almost worthless compared to cards after a round of cashes. To win these games you need to kill people for their cards. A good way to do it is to line yourself up to attack the guy after you (or after him) in the order. Then you'll often be able to cash your cards, and kill him while he still has lots of cards, and then cash again.

If you go into these kind of games and waste too many armies popping continents or conquering land you will lose and get yelled at. It's all about the killing people for their cards.

20-50% continent increase, any cards

High continent increase games makes owning continents integral to winning the game. You will need to grab and hold at least 1 continent with decent defences. If your neighbors have weak borders then it's often a good idea to POP it. Be careful if they have multiple continents though.

The best way to expand in high continent games is to grab weak land and occupy it. Don't fight big battles if you don't have to.

If other players are holding valuable continents with weak borders it's usually a good idea to pop the continent. Income differential is the big thing to care about. If the border guard has less armies then the current bonus value of the cont, it's a possible good target.

It's important to realize when you have the opportunity to win a high cont % game. If you can break all enemy continents on the board and still hold 1, do it. Then do it every turn holding more conts if you can. Conts will be worth so much that your 1 is enough to crush a huge army difference every turn.

Playing cards

Most online games have high cards, which end up increasing by 5 per cash. In these games should always try to keep your cash for later. Only cash with 3 or 4 cards if your life is in danger. The later you cash in your cards, the more they will be worth.

You can also use strategy to improve your position in the card progression. Skipping a card by not attacking during a turn can swap you from the front of the card cash order to the back, gaining 20+ armies. Beware doing this when you're too weak or somebody else is going to die and start card kills.

There's more at the main Strategy page.

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