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A place to try to come to consensus on, and codify, the Lux community's standards of conduct.

While Playing

  • If you want to play alone with just the bots, it is easier to uncheck the "Allow Network Players" box in the New Game Window before you start your game. You will then not show up in the "Join a Game" Network Games Window (and people will quit popping in to bug you to play with them or join their game).
  • Should you decide to join a network game it is polite to say "hello" in the chat once you enter, as most hosts will greet you when you come in.
  • You should not start a network game you can not finish. Hex, Assault, and even some Classic games (with six humans, with card pay-outs that never advance past 5,5,5...) can go on a very long time. Know what you are doing and commit (like to a marriage, or a pony).
  • The above having been said, if you absolutely need to go, a bot (or a guest if present) will take over for you upon your exit. The outcome of the game will still be recorded under your player. It is still rude to leave like this; best to sincerely apologize in the chat before leaving. Suiciding (killing yourself by wasting all your armies other players) is extremely discouraged, will be remembered, and may get you banned by a host.
  • If your Internet connection accidentally drops you out of a game, try to get back in as soon as possible, as you can pick up where you left off if you get back in quickly and while you are gone the host is limited in doing anything if it is their turn.
  • If you take over for someone who has dropped out of a game for some reason you should try to win the game but you absolutely should not sabotage other players just because you can. Think of how you would feel if someone jumped into the middle of your game and ruined it for you.

While Hosting:

  • Before starting a game (or restarting another game), it is polite to give some warning so people can guest in or out as desired. A simple "rs coming" or "rs in 20s" is good.
  • If you are hosting a bots first game, it is your responsibility to inform every new person that joins.
  • If a guest joins just after a new game is started (within __? or so rounds), it would be nice if you could, or if someone else playing wants to, include them but restart only after getting agreement from everyone involved.
  • Try not to open other windows in Lux at the same time unless you have to---you may crash the program, taking the game with it, and the person winning is not going to like that.
  • If a player <exits> during a game, wait a little while for them to come back. If they don't come back see if someone else can find a guest in another game at this point who could take over the player. The host can "/transfer" the player to any guest that joins. If the missing player's turn comes around again, some hosts will simply place what income the player has, either strategically or in a neutral location to everyone else, not attack anyone, and continue the game till a guest can be found to take over, but, as this can cause unfair dis-/advantages, the below is recommended, but this, as everything always, is up to the players and host to agree on.
  • If any players are distractingly annoying, (very) excessively vulgar or offensive, or at all bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic (hate based on country origin), etc. in the chat, the host should /boot or /ban them.

At the Heart of Lux, and, "The Balance of Power Theory" It is against the spirit of the game for a player to give in when outnumbered and, most deplorably, to make a calculated decision to lose to preserve ranking. Say there are a number of players in a settled and somewhat locked game and one ("Agro") takes the border of another ("Victim"), and there is yet another player ("Dom") larger than all but especially a fourth ("Chud").

The worst example is when Chud eliminates someone not with any hope of winning but simply to at least rank that much higher. Now it may be that Victim needs to be finished off to get the cards so that Dom (or Agro) doesn't get those cards and get even larger, but sometimes keeping Victim in the game is necessary, even if it is just to keep yet more countries out of the hands of Dom. It is a common rookie mistake to attack Agro (say, because Agro is nearby or just because the opportunity is there) when (and this is usually) that ensures Dom wins because now everyone but Dom is weak.

Another example is when Chud does nothing in the face of Dom in order to remain stronger than any other player to preserve second place. There is a strong argument for biding one's time, especially if Chud has an advantage in income over Dom, is waiting on cards, or needs to maneuver or reinforce armies. And patience is very rare and so valuable. But many players simply wait hoping that all the other players will start fighting each other and ignore them while they amass the largest army, but this leads to interminable stalemates when it doesn't lead to first place going to a player actually doing something, and Chud settling for second again.

It is debatably more strategic for Chud to use the opportunity to take a border or a group of forces from Dom while there is no threat from Agro and Victim and all the forces can be used toward defense of any retaliation from Dom and built back up before the others get done with each other. "To win without risk, is to triumph without glory." Pierre Corneille, Le Cid, 1636 However, it is cause for shame and disgrace when a player attacks the largest player excessively and kills themselves because they don't believe they can win or because they don't care.

Lux involves discipline, courage, cleverness, and luck. In some cases it is impossible to know if someone else was giving up, playing for second, or if they just took a risk that didn't work out. The honor of the game has to be kept by each player to keep the tactics and betrayals fun, respected, and inspiring.

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