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Wiki -> Main Game Window

Here's a picture of the main game window of Lux Delux. It's marked with some red circles, and each section is described below.

1 - Map Selection: Here you can choose the map you want to play on, and set how games start: random or selected or using the map's built-in starting scenario.

2 - Players: Games can have 2-6 players. You can customize the names, colors, and who's controlling each player here. Most of the options under the selection boxes on the right are computer AI personalities. Easy ones are at the top, and harder ones are at the bottom. To play with fewer then 6, turn some of them to be <no player>.

3 - Networking: The 2 checkboxes in this section allow you to host a network game that others can join (see Hosting Tips), and set it public/private. Click the Show Network Games button to leave this window and go to the list of online games (see Network Games).

4 - Play: Click the play button and you're off!

This page is part of the Lux Guide.

Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music Game brings world music to your fingertips.

Lux Delux advanced Risk game with over 1000 game maps, challenging AI, and online multi-player.

Lux Alliance diplomacy game is a simultaneous-turns team strategy boardgame. Diplomacy meets Axis & Allies game.

Lux Touch iOS risk game, and Lux DLX let you conquer the world on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Lux DLX android risk game

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