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Network Games

Lux Delux includes a network game finder. Open it from the main window using the Show Network Games button. Browsing the list to see the settings and people online. Network games include a chat, so say Hi when you join.

The chat area also accepts some Chat Commands to give more information or control the game. Type /help in the chat to see the full list.

Games where the host is not playing at the moment but left the room open appoint a 'guest host' who can restart the game in certain circumstances. If you join a room with nobody playing in it type /start to start a new game.

If you get disconnected from a game, you can re-join and you will regain your player.

You can play in more than one game at a time. When you are playing one game, just Join Game (Command/Control-J) to enter a second game. This is a great way to lose your concentration in both games and get your ass handed to you as both timers run down.

You can resize the Join Game window how you like. Grab the bottom right corner and drag to resize it.


For information on hosting your own room, see the Hosting Tips page.

Rankings and Awards

All registered players can compete in the Ranking System with leader-boards and awards.

Lux Variants

Memory Lux is when everybody is the same color.

Twitch Lux is when the turn time limit is very fast.

Silent Lux is played with no chat.

TeamPlay is when players are grouped together on teams.

This page is part of the Lux Guide.

Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music Game brings world music to your fingertips.

Lux Delux advanced Risk game with over 1000 game maps, challenging AI, and online multi-player.

Lux Alliance diplomacy game is a simultaneous-turns team strategy boardgame. Diplomacy meets Axis & Allies game.

Lux Touch iOS risk game, and Lux DLX let you conquer the world on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Lux DLX android risk game

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