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3DA --

-- Always a fun player to be around, you will likely find 3DA playa' hatin' in the Bio Ghetto (of which he is an original member) or battling it out with the best in the Classic rooms. Manages to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory," often getting a second place finish. But, if you're new and need help, or you just need someone to talk to, this is your man. Don't be hesitant to ask, he prides himself in his relationship with the community. Member of Ω. Hall of Famer! LUX BIO + Name: John, Age: 39, Gender: Male, Location: Evanston, IL (the ACTUAL best town in the US, just north of chicago on the lake). Status: singleton but with a lovely girlfriend, Situation: Freelance Designer, A Little about Yourself: Born in Brooklyn NY, grew up white and nerdy(comic books, punk rock, role playing games, Atari 2600) in the burbs out on Long Island, came to Chicago for college (Northwestern, theater), stayed in Chicago 'cuz of the great theater scene, acting career morphed into design career, got into designing museum exhibits and found a calling. Married my high school sweetheart, divorced her 16 years later, couldn't be happier about it. Have a lovely 11 year old daughter who lives with me half the week, a great girlfriend, a fantastic basketball pickup game to play in Sunday nights, a bunch of friends who I still play role-playing games with, and a great condo by the lake. I've recently started playing the guitar and singing at open mics, been organic farming all summer, and ordered a new Apple 20" Cinema Display because the one I'm staring @ now is dying. Life is sweet, sweeter than honey.

Alexander_the_Great -- A talented, fun, polite, and sometimes dangerous player who is not to be confused with Alexander Great' who arrived on the scene shortly after Alexander_the_Great's arrival. Seeing these two in the same room can be confusing so it's best to address them by AtG and AG.

AliG -- Booyakasha! AliG is the bad boy rapper straight outta Staines in the UK, near Windsor, where the queen lives. He is one of the founding members of the "West Staines Massiv" He may live with his Nana in the suburbs and has spent more time in Drive thru's than in Drive by's but he can still mop up the floor in a game of Lux. Respeckt! If you want to talk with him try the translator

AquaRegia -- The manliest man on the Lux circuit despite the gender-neutral nickname, which has something to do with chemistry. (Google it; if you must know.) His BlueSteel look is game-stopping; try not to be distracted by this tactic. Prefers Jameson, neat. A member of the Booth clan, who makes all of their ordered lists. He retired as a forum moderator after two years of grammatically proficient service, but still plays regularly.

Arka -- Arkas are versatile and opportunistic predators. They are considered the apex predator of the Lux world, often known to attack from circumpolar regions of Greenland. Keep your hands away from the keyboard when they are feeding.

Arod -- aka Weed, Norte, NWA et al -- Age 17 (well, once). A reformed suicider, his newest incarnation is a majority of unranked play. Suicides according to his own twisted logic, which no one understands but himself. The good news is, I just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to ... oh, never mind. The other good news is that he is dabbling in the use of his talents for good, not evil, as one of Lux's newest mapmakers. Can still make grown men cry with his "logic", though.

Atom -- One of the original Luxers, good guy, good player. Disappeared off the face of the earth without so much as a goodbye months ago. Rumor has it he and princessknights eloped, but he was recently found working at the desk of a Sri Lankan sex hotel ... without princessknights. Has been seen with his clothes on and off since then.

Augustus Maximus -- A crazy Athletics fan, this player usually is seen playing classic matches. went from super NOOB, to super ASSHAT, to a very well respected member of the lux community in a very short amount of games. has a tendency to annoy certain players like mattman160, but deep down, we all wub him. Only player to be banned from forums for making a joke about himself. Twitch is his real passion, classic is a close 2nd.

Autoplay -- Yeah.....what about em? Where did he come from?

Baden -- An enigma. The inscrutable Black Hole of Luxtopia. Other than some unconfirmed reports of Baden being from Germany and having an odd Cow fetish, little information has escaped from the bottomless gravity well ... Baden has started a Luxer dynasty by introducing his sons K-SWISS and Urban Spaceman to the game. Correction: K-SWISS introduced Baden. Said to resemble Andy Rooney.

BarStar -- One of the best hosts in Lux; when "the Bar is OPEN", it is an experience not to be missed ... is the DJ of streaming BarStar Radio, he will play requests during Lux hours ... he can be heard yelling, "On your Mark, GET SET, Go!" ... he also makes some beautiful maps ... beware of his involvement in some sort of Church scheme, he is just out for your RAW ... and YEA!!! ... rumored CCO of TorStar; creating fine products for the good folks of Luxtopia ... founding member of the 500 Club ... and last but not least, this master of the long game invented the winning defensive move that makes para shake in his boots: the Wall of Bar ... rumored he enjoys pickle juice martinis ...

Bat Rastard -- This rastardly bat will force you to consume guano if you underestimate his bite. He barks a lot too..

BDF -- An upgraded version of BombDiggityFresh. BDF hates you and is coming to kill you. And BDF likes watermelons... to throw at people.

Beetroot -- A good-natured Luxer who started with Bio and now kicks n00b ass in Classic. He will also kick your ass on any state map. Few sights in Lux are prettier than beetroot sweeping the board with those fast, fast fingers. Unless you're one of his victims, of course. Co-founded Ω.

bennok -- This crafty nationally competitive weightlifter will often tell you he has work to do, only to sit and wait for another hour, allowing everyone else to foolishly attack each other. Watch out for the "I have a lot of work to do" statement, it is always a false pretense. Has maintained a top 10 seeding for a long time.

Behemoth -- Luxtoberfest 2009 proved just how far this player had come in less than one year: he won both Rookie of the Year AND Best Map 2009, as voted by the community. Undisputedly he is the best reason to click “install additional plugins.” Behemoth is a Lux cartographer extraordinaire. His work is hand-drawn, historically accurate, and addicting. He learned the game in Rome and then started taking names. He's a master at twitch and he’s a high seed, so don’t be fooled by his chatty Australian friendliness—he means to kill you. Hall of Famer.

bichon30 -- b?Name/b?: Brieuc (like a city in France , Saint-Brieuc), i m proud of my celtic first name! and Celtic origins. my friends gave me the nickname bichon for my part friendly and philanthropist b?Age/b?: 25, 07/07/87 (not a joke!!) b?Gender/b?: male b?Status/b?: planned wedding in a year and a half b?Situation/b?: I am osteopath, remove the joint and muscle pains people is a wonderful activity. I am a big soccer fan, GO PARIS (psg)!!card games too, much poker and bridge. 8)

Big Will E Style -- A good-hearted fellow on a good day, a merciless bastard on a bad day, and a pretty darn effective player on both days. a true alpha male who possesses a marked hatred for alias users. LUXBIO + Name: Will, Age: 27, Gender: Male, Status: Fiancee who I am marrying in a year, Situation: 26 year-old who wishes he was still in college. Graduated from Indiana University in 2005 with 2 degrees (B.A. in Economics and B.S. in Kinesiology, emphasis Sport Management). I currently work for a minor league baseball team in California. I am the Director of Corporate Partnerships. Essentially I run the department that brings in advertising to the team. I am looking to go back to school in the fall of 2009 for my MBA. My dream job would be to own a major league baseball team. Realistically, I'd like to be a venture capitalist and invest my money into companies I feel I can help grow.

Black Pope -- He may look like a Gun Totin' Redneck Jesus Freak but he's actually a Gun Totin' Redneck Jesus Freak Power Hungry Moderator who would sell his soul for good dice. Self confessed "Freaky Man" he has "connections" upstairs so if his close friendship with God isn't enough to frighten you, perhaps his "Family" will. Ranked in Luxtoberfest 2005 as "Not Very Good" Ranked in his mind as "Pretty Pretty Flower". He gives his services to support the Anti-Holy Church of Lux to banish Tyranny in Lux. Proudly sports the following 'Met' buttons: Smedz, Sidhe, Toro, Muskie, Hoodie (and Hoodie's sister). One of the few players in the game who truly understands what it means to Go Apeshit™.

Blind Willie -- Mostly harmless. Easily distracted by anything with strings. Including G strings.

Boa -- Or 'Charles'. Known to do the right thing at the wrong time.

Bod -- A gentleman of the old school, cos its a long time since he left school (before most of the players here were born !). Often found chatting in Spanish - not that well, cos he is still learning, and its difficult when you get to his age to adopt new things. Typically found asshatting in Bio, a rare visitor to classic. Has a rare English dry sense of humour, often not appreciated or understood by his American cousins.

BombDiggityFresh -- After Easter vacation of 2007, every time you came on the forums there were a zillion new posts by a mysterious and very chatty young poster called BombDiggityFresh. Fortunately this particular Keffer is a cheerful and friendly one, which helps a lot. As a player he is, well, pretty average, as a chatter he is usually pleasant. Don't push him too far over the edge in games, because he can sometimes get very annoyed and and hit you harder than you could expect or be prepared for. If you take him on, take him out in one swift move. A fairly defensive player, but not in games with high card values.

BuyMoria Can be found hanging back in the classic rooms (sometimes his own; he's a great host), chilling with the cool kids. Known for a thoughtful game, a laid back vibe, and a healthy skepticism regarding membership in anything. Consistently asks if the members of Ω receive dental. Fear his cash! He'll kill you with it.

cHeecH99 -- Cautious of this one, he is slick and sneaky. If you have any Lolis you better hide them because he will steal them!!! Member of Ω PIPC

Chan -- retired -- Mung bean.

Chumdinger -- One of the Founding Father players. "Chum" trolls like a pro and can land the big fish whenever necessary. All around good guy but watch out, he knows how to play this game.

contempt -- retired -- n. 1. Open disrespect or disobedience for public authority; 2. Also known as Le Mépris in its original French by Jean-Luc Godard

c0unse1 -- Newbish player loves asshating and a real bio wind up merchant . makes senseless moves and enjoys half killing

Creno -- Before the alias limit was imposed, he was in the top 10 for "most aliases held by one reg." An obnoxious and bossy guest who chants "rs" over and over when he's not in the game even when the game is fh, asks inane questions and denies it. As a player he is mediocre at best, and frequently his computer locks up the room and has your room "waiting for host" until he unfreezes long enough to get booted, at which point he usually comes right back in the room and denies what just happened, then fills your screen with "rs" again. His abusive actions finally got him banned.

CrimsonHosking -- A mystery, and an illusion. Often offers up advice which he himself does not work on. Loves to attack hypocrites, and point out everyone else errors. Overall Crimson does no good for the community but hosts games and gets peoples blood flowing none the less. Number 4 on the list of those who most hate half kills and will watch games to point them out. =)

C-Rex -- A Swedish Conqueror, pleasant fellow, and clown. But don’t let his red nose, make-up, size 24 shoes, and quick wit fool you. When it comes to war, he takes no prisoners and has won weekly first place medals (The exception is westsidekilla6. They have been rumored to tag team in the past). Member of §(clown division). LUX BIO + Name: Niclas (or just Nic), Age: 39, Gender: Male, Location: Malmö, Sweden, Status: Married, Situation: Account director & owner of an advertising agency, A little about myself: I am in the middle of my midlife crisis but I am getting used to it. I live in Malmö in the south of Sweden. Married since 8 yrs. We have three lovely daughters at 5, 9 and 12 yrs of age. And a dog. And a rabbit. I wish I had more time to do all the good things in life (Lux doesn't really help me out about that so I will try to cut back a little on it). I like to travel, hang out with family and friends, play with my kids, listen to music (rock/punk/pop), watch good films or TV-shows, read books (serial killers is a strange fascination for me). I like watersports (diving, sailing, windsurfing) and big mountains (for skiing, hiking, climbing). Skiing is my passion in life and next trip is scheduled for Canada this winter. I play innebandy (floorball?) and I am a coach for my daughter's soccer team. And I like pie.

Cuarto -- retired -- A player you'll definitely enjoy playing with: he's very funny and relaxed, and at the same time a great adversery. He's always willing to learn more and also pass his knowledge to the new players. You can count on him to try new maps with different settings, for he keeps looking for new Lux experiences. A true sportsman whom you can address in español.

Cyanshade -- retired -- Noble guy with gay colors but great taste ... beating him up is challenging, looking at his boards breathtaking, because of the colors of course, so games with him are always fun. Most importantly, a quality booze hound, thru and thru.

cygne -- Loves gret neighboorships and BBQ's ... he will move out when u ask him and say always "Please" to him. He likes it to be called "capital C" - if its bots first and u dont go for it he will probably hit u the whole game long. Sometimes when he has time he also sends some nice Youtube-Sound or does the sports-commentaries of the game. In general a great guy - but dont forget "Bots 1st is Bots 1st", or capital C will hit u.

CyNd3r -- A new player who was one of the first iPhone newbs (iNoobs) to join the computer version. He is a generally a quick learner and is always ready to help another player understand the game better. Ω æ

Danmax -- So impressed with Lux that he is on a crusade to recruite 20 of his friends to join the fray ... Lincoln, help us. He has an eclectic sense of humor

Daka -- Often found hanging out in the Deux rooms. Has a nasty bite and will devour all who stand before him. Hates asshats and aliases and all who don't play to win. Has a passion for a few hot ones while playing. Dont let his defensive strategy fool you as when you least expect it he will crush you.

Darth Rellek A really good player and a cool guy. Known as one of few Professional Lux Players. Also a very good friend to the clowns who covers his back with piethrowing when needed. Also would like to add that if you want to win against him, Sunday would be the best day to do it, he gets more 6th on Sunday then any other day

DeathNote -- also known as dan walsh has started to mature into a great player and is a very accomplished twitcher

deez nuts -- His forum posts about his love life are classics, even though he never remembers what he's posted when he sobers up the next day. His game play, however ...

Digital Jihad -- also known as ChrisUT , ruthless aggressive gameplayer , great on any map, good twitcher altho can be a bit too ambitious and half kills do occur . . . . .has left again recently, but do beware noob's, if he returns ........

djdee -- British Bio Ghetto Dwella and all around great guy. Check the rankings - deadly as hell. Known to lurk quietly in a corner of the Bio map and then kill 4 players in one turn for the win. Possessor of an acerbic wit and a quick trigger finger. Rumors of his teaming with a certain Italian Bio Ghetto Dwella are greatly exaggerated. (see qwert1965). LUX BIO + Name: David Age: 40 (soon to be 41) Gender: Male Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, just south of Scotland in the UK Status: Married Situation: Designer (was a dj hence the name) A little about yourself: Been married 17 years to Juliette who does not play lux :( and actually hates all games, except Pictionery, she's a designer too and likes to draw. We started a design consultancy together a week after we got married and have spent almost all our time together ever since. Strangely though it took us 13 years to start thinking about kids, we now have 2 a boy and a girl, Fynn 4 and Pénélope (Nell) 2. They are both fantastic and well worth all the lost sleep, lack of spare time and money...

Dog -- Enjoys drawing and strangling animals. Spends most his time on Lux trying to win and find his giant pants. As well as chatting up Sidhe, PK and other random grls. (Grls is gathering term for the various flavours of slux)

dollabillz -- A young Canadian boy who kicks it in classic. He is constantly hounding his idol Beetroot for tips on how to become a man. He is known among his peers for his odd fascination with lobster genitalia. Member of Ω.

Dominator -- Dominating every aspect of the game this 2006 R.O.Y. can be found organizing both his M.O.T.W. and RAW medals in his showcase. A former #1 seed makes this player a force not to be messed with. He sometimes appears mysteriously on Sunday after being absent for several weeks. Has been known to jump 500+ raw in the last few hours of a raw race to "steal" a medal. Exhibit A Exhibit B

Dr. Thorvaldt -- One of the few good players not concerned with the raw chase. Doc has been known to occasionally throw a game or two to help his fellow luxers.

Dr. Zuss :9

Drifter -- The urban hillbilly! And the undisputed KING OF SMILIES! The undeniable Emperor of Avatars! Unarguably the nicest man in Lux. Frequently found turtling in OZ drinking his special brew of adult lemonade snacking on his favorite *Manimal snacks and figs. Don't let his demeanor fool you! He is one of the 3 "Marathon Men" in Lux! He is no push-over, that's him "playing with his food". He will beat you if he wants to! Member of Team Water in Castle Tourneys and Michelle's Boys aka Not Just Creepy. A consistently positive voice in the Forums. Was recently added to the Mod Squad.

dustin -- The creator of Lux. Do not gaze upon His face, nor utter His name from your lips, or you will risk being stricken with plague (bad dice & buggy games are His favorite). Mostly plays late at night (not as often as the hardcore users). He is the secret identity of DustinSacks. He will pretend to play hard, but then let you win, so you encourage your friends to play Lux.

Eice -- Name: Kevin Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Virginia Status: Single Situation: Full-time college student studying Biochemistry! A little about yourself: My name's Kevin, I play Eice on Lux of course. I'm currently attending college and majoring in Biochemistry! When I graduate I'm going to go into the medical research field, with hopes of getting my Master's and/or Ph.D. someday. I would love to help with the research on a cure for cancer, but we'll see where life goes. I'm the only child in my immediate family, but that doesn't bother me most of the time! I also owned a Corvette at the age of 18. Corvettes are an absolute obsession of mine and hopefully I will own more someday! I live on the eastern coast of Virginia and have been in the same house for the past 20+ years ... yay! I also love long walks on the beach! size=5?Haha./size? Founding Father of The Omni-Holy Church of Lux. The Omni-Holy Church was founded on November 18th, 2007, with the great assistance of Lantern. While he might seem docile and holy, beware his speed... he is cold as ice, but blisteringly fast. "King of Hawaii", Founder of §

el toro -- The mad bull! Not particularly mad, or bullish, or even very snortalific, but he does play ... and he rocks! Like Lincoln but better and harder! CEO of Luxtopia's beloved Toro-corp. One of the founding members of the semi-holy church of Lux and continued blabby-mouth voice of said church. Often says things like: "el toro smacks KEF with a duck!" & "drama, drama, drama". Please, do not feed anymore mushrooms to the bull. Founding member of the 500 Club, but has been kicked out due to multiple high raw infractions.

ellebelle -- a botress which uses diplomacy to gain power. strictly european. and she brings the itch back to british.

elisaelli -- Mysterious, chatty newcomer. Underage. Known kleptomaniac.

Enokrad -- A friendly foe who is always willing to lend a helping hand, yet don't be fooled, he will kill you within a blink of an eye when the time is right.

Enzo1997 -- Name: Enzo Age: 13 Gender: Male Location: Kerhonkson NY Status: Single Situation: Student Interesting Facts: •In the sixth grade, I fractured my finger, a week later I cut my leg wide open. I had 11 stitches that were very far apart. •I love music, but I am not musically talented whatsoever. •My dad died when I was 9. -- A player who always keeps things interesting. You can often find him in a Rome room or trolling the forums. A member of team Air for castles. Never quite good but always better than average.

Eric the Great of Antarctica -- A founding member of NATO, Eric is a man of many hats and/or helmets. Magic Hats, being his favorite, and Ass Hats being his least favorite. An unselfish member of the Lux Community, Eric will take time out of his game(s) to don his helmet and teach asshats a lesson or five. But do not paint Eric with only an Asshat Assassin's brush; they don't call him "The Great" for nothing. Southern Emissary of NATO.

Fane -- Former Highest RAW record holder.

FeliThePhoenix -- Tries hard to improve his low-level tactic understanding and bad math-skills and hopes to get a better winning percentage before he is too old to move the mouse. Leaves it up to other players to write comments about his character.

Fishflakes -- Not just fishy but flakey too. No to be confused with fishhead, fishbait, fishfry, fishguts, fishhead, or especially fishy.

Firefly -- aka dreamtraveler -- Like all fireflies, he buzzes about in unpredictable patterns that will mystify and delight throughout the night, especially to members of the opposite sex.

furball -- retired -- Appears to be the result of a shaving contest between Sasquatch and Gibraltar Monkey, although it is unclear who won the shaving contest, furball went on to beat the both of them in a 5, 5, 5 classic. Etiquette demands the follwoing greeting when this players enters a game: "<cough> <hack> Furball! There you are!"

'''[gary the cheater | ]''' -- Name: John Age: b. 1975 Gender: Male Location: Montreal Status: Married, no kids Situation: Own and operate a moving business. Looking for a larger home to house my car collection. A little about yourself: I love cars, good food, and labrador retrievers.

geiler hengst -- Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur

General K -- A General specialized in training elite troops in the Middle East. Just pray you never encounter his marching armies. His strategy is based on one simple rationale: know who to hit, when to hit and where to hit! BESIDES THIS HE REALLY LOVES TO CHAT IN CAPITALS, TO SOME ANNOYING EXTEND FOR SOME, BUT THEY DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND THE TRUE POWER OF K'S CAPITALS. Has been known to wear hair curlers when playing lux!!!Also the only member in "Clowns Unite" that is a K-lown!! Has been permanently banned from the game, a relief for some, a loss to some others. Member of §(clown division) Recieved the Luxtoberfest Exile Award in Luxtoberfest V. Many luxers were shocked & Suprised when he was exiled from luxtopia.

George874 -- He doesnt have any Nails!!!!!!!!! :D (his own words, but now he has a professional nail file, called profile): One of the nice players, always friendly in chat. Nevertheless you should fear him. He always plays fair, but as MOTW-player he can play and especially win all kinds of maps and collects lots of medals!. One of the best attitudes in LUX.

Gibraltar Monkey -- A fine role model for all the intellectually challenged monkeys out there. "GB" or "GM" uses his mind and often defeats all five opposing great ape players in a single game.

GFips -- A respected player & host of Luxtopia as of 2009. Fierce opponent who never gives up & will try to lull you into a false sense of security with his friendly chat; only to kill you next turn & run the map. Beware of this Bavarian Lux Player. Rumored to have a teddybear/soccer fetish. Castle Team Virtue Member æ

glowextreme -- Can often be found hosting a full house. He has taken up the TeamPlay banner with his hosting and the creation of the TheRawWhores. Cool guy.

Golfmannen -- aka flog --,The charmap master of Lux, Clown Leader, he loves numbers, and earned respect by throwing himself into both the forums and the games. Helps bolster the Swedish contingent bringing the known grand total to 4. Collaberated with Sylocat on a couple of maps, and reportedly beta-tested some others for him. Co-Founder and Leader of The Clowns which were established as a force in Lux on 11/20/07. As of 11/20/08 has the low raw record of 54. Member of §(clown division)

Goten6456 -- Name: Mark Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Dayton, Ohio Status: Single Situation: Full time college student/grocery store bagger A little about yourself: I go to Wright State (a branch of Ohio State) studying Computer Science, with a minor in History. I usually play all kinds of sports in my free time, and I play XBox the time I'm not outside. I love watching sports, especially football and baseball. I hope to one day work for a research department developing programs for planes. -- A pleasant luxer. When fellow players see him in a game they are assured a good time. Has a strange fascination (obsession) with Garth Brooks. No one knows why. We all just nod politely to him and ignore his schoolgirl crush on Garth.

Grozoth -- Skilled in the arts of Jedi Mind Waves, groz seems to easily control weaker minded players (can't you see that he is evil people !?!!). Enjoys role-playing. Can be just as fast actin as tinactin (on occasion). Beware, and have your iJedi Mind Shield ready.

guillerme -

-- The "Diego Maradonna" of lux. Always makes him fat in any territory and then uses his mouse hand to win the game in final :-) Really nice argentinian guy. You should definity play with him. If you stay fair to him, you soon have won a lux friend!

GYPCOUNT -- Name: Mike Age: 33 Gender: Male Location: St. Louis, Missouri Status: Married (6 years) Situation: Union Carpenter, currently working at the Connoco Phillips oil refinery in Wood River Illinois (about 30 miles from my house). I am building scaffolds so other tradesmen can access the huge vessels used in the oil refinery process. A little about myself: I have 3 beutiful daughters(Lucy 5, Clare 3, and Jenna 1). I enjoy playing poker, going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and playing games/ putting puzzles together with my daughters. I used to be very wild, but these days quite sensible( guess we all grow up). Anyway see ya on the maps!!! -- A cool luxer with a sharp wit. This brave man pokes badgers for fun in his spare time. Be careful when he hosts though. He takes crap from no man. He will boot at the slightest provocation. A founding member of the Asshat Assassins who played during Luxtober IV. Western Emissary of NATO. Member of §

Heartscoffee -- A nice girl for the most part. Quite a force to be reckoned with in games. Once went on a lux date with Beetroot. Ω

Helen -- Always brightens up a room when she shows up. She is smart, funny, and makes Lantern smile when he sees her. Honorary member of §

Highhat -- Tough Bavarian luxer. Especially difficult on MOTW maps. Seldom chats but when the moment strikes him can chat all night & day. A great luxer that always plays to win.

Honey Bunny -- Oh it’s just a harmless little bunny, isn’t it? Well, be warned – and be afraid. Straight from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail comes this furry harbinger of doom. Cute, furry, soft, and completely deadly. Much deadlier than the Pulp Fiction name suggests.

hoodie -- The Great North American Hoodie has been seen in his habitat playing with fire and wearing shiny gold pants. Approach with sunglasses to avoid retinal burn. Also, reports of his sister beating Black Pope with a large stick because he couldn't eat a whole piece of pie have been greatly exagerated.

Hot Carl! -- retired -- Very few players can boast that they inspired a completely new catch phrase. "Hot Carl!" Can't you feel it?

Hot Soup -- ...No relation to Hot Carl. This is the name of someone who does know how to play by the "rules" or common strat. I just stopped caring so I created this. I just play this to spend time...and because it is addicting. I apologize to those that care, because I really don't. P.S. Hot Soup from Ender's Game.

Hugo-- a great player, hugo has the most explosive temper in lux .... has lost his sense of humor in recent times...... . . . when hosting has been prone to ban good players from the medal chase. However since he is not allowed to host anymore that's no longer relevant. Just left with the temper then.

ignominious -- this is paranoiarodeo's cat, Beware.. he has similar tactics..

I like cold beverages -- A player that defines what lux is all about. Deadly, friendly, and a serious adversary. You can count on fair play and a night of horror. Don't expect to win and don't serve warm beverages.

IrnBru001 -- Rumored to have "intriguing, sparkling made in Scotland from girders flavor" ... but be warned, he may contain traces of nut.

Jadepathman -- The Samoan Master. Has turned playing the Hawaii map into a distinct style of game ... quick, fun and up for grabs.

JAL --Statistically the most successful of the BANE crew, JAL is a pure example of "lux imitating life". A fire fighter by trade, JAL is known to douse a hot opponent with a swift, cool response. Don't be afraid to chat to this nice guy of lux; But be very afraid when JAL has you lined up

Janet Webb -- She likes the rough play and long slow kisses between turns. Be careful when approaching her from the rear ... her leather corset tends to chafe.

Jayfox -- A newer-than-most player who shines @ times, but still tends to make st00pid decisions. His hangouts tend to be Classic part deux rooms (usually hosted by DV or KC, not to mention Preacherman).Rather polite and uncompromising when it comes to skirmishes, this player will not leave a game with players mad @ him unless that was the plan. A promising player, hopes to become a Noble one day and before turning 16 (dec 8th guys!!!) hopes to become top player of the week.

jelly -- Name: Andy Age: 33 Gender: Male Location: Fort Collins, CO (Voted Best town in USA) Status: Dating Situation: Taking time off from Social Work and working with kids A Little about Yourself:/b? Taking some time off from working in the Human Services field, specifically adventure education with youth. Currently trying to build upon my business ideas. -- Needs a new set of dice. Someone took his loaded dice at one of BarStar's games. Makes some good music though. Jelly jiggles!

Jerry T -- For one brief hellish month in May of 2006, this rampant half-killer slaughtered the competition for 4 out of 7 weeks. Stopped only by PSU, magpie, and a young Dominator. To say that JT was abrasive in game chat would be like saying that Atilla the Hun needed to work on his table manners, and he was finally banned to much relief. Since when he has been briefly seen playing as an unreg, and as abusive as ever.

jesterme -- Name: Jeremy Age: 33 Gender: Male Location: Texas Status: Married Situation: Own my own business in the field of polysomnography (sleep disorders studies). Married 13 years with 3 kids (Girl, 10; Boy, 8; Girl, 5). I have enjoyed the Lux game and community since I joined last year. Look forward to more great games and learning the ropes.

jOnNiE -- Age: 29 Gender: Male Location: Chicago, IL Status: Single and loving it Situation: I love digital artwork. I graduated from Northern Michigan University with a BFA in Electronic Imaging in 2006. Right now I work freelance. My recent projects have been animations for Kyocera. -- Mostly full of hot air. But that just goes to prove his theory that German's love David Hasselhoff. An artiste

jwd -- jwd is a player. This is his profile. Kill kill kill ... Is twice as dangerous after he has some rum in him.. beware! He is the only non-Mod "Civilian" to ever lock a thread... Was it his Homemade Jedi ModStick™? Or was it the naked dance? Luxdom may never know for sure.... Frequently seen in Barstar's games asking for Bar to play some more Jimmy Buffett and shouting "GO CUBS!" to El Toro... Sometimes hosts as jwdski...

juveke -- A cool Portuguese guy with a great sense of humor. often likes to annoy the big guy and snatch some income from him. sometimes he gets killed 1st for that, but it sure spices up the game. yep, to play with juveke is NEVER boring! He often needs fresh copies of the chess directions though.

Kain Mercenary -- A character who enjoys a good laugh. He is also a great player and Co founder of Ω

Kef -- The "Spammer of the Forum", this player will post on all topics, regardless. He wipes you off the field if he's awake, has semi-decent dice, and you are looking the other way because he said you can trust him. Kill him on sight. (I WUB YOU KEF!!! ~MaW~)

KingPatrick -- This gentle beast is a pleasure to play with, with the diplomacy of a wise old king, but should one straggle behind the herd, or become weak, half-killed or wounded, he'll pounce from the tall grass and rip out the throat, especially for the smell of fresh cards. If you hit his continent, chances are he will hit you back. Voted Best Host at Luxtoberfest 3, his room is always rocking.

kitty on catnip-- Also known as WaR_LoRd, kitty on catnip's arrogance might be the most easily observed characteristic, but deep down he is rather sensitive. His mouth has gotten him banned from activity, and his suicides are more common than should be, but he has a passion for the game to rival that of players such as paranoiarodeo, though the two have entirely different outlooks on the game. This extraordinarily fast player does his math well, but has arguably too low of standards for how many armies are enough to go for a certain kill. kitty is the sensei for such players as Cuarto and Beetroot, which shows that even though his actions may be brash, he can also be very down to earth at times.

Kurtz -- awol

Lantern -- The Second founding father of The Omni-Holy Church of Lux. Always polite and enjoyable to play a game with, but capable of holding his own in a game against any player. Supposedly had a dove that shined brightly in his hand when he was born, thus the name Lantern. Founder of § Member of PIPC æ

Liberty Prime -- A relatively new player who just one day showed up in the Roman games after chilling in the Bio Ghetto for awhile. An unpredictable player who uses a d20 to decide which strat, and who to attack, each game. Liberty Prime is best known for eliminating all of a opponents income, if said opponent should ass-hat him. Liberty Prime is a frequent user of "zooing" a term he invented, to protect a player in a country with only one entrance. Some players do not appreciate this mercy second gesture, even more so when Liberty Prime does this in the beginning of the game. Player Milltycoon had this to say about Liberty Prime "You are a mean, passive-aggressive player who attacks people out of sadism. I have no use for you or your lies. You want to f*ck me up game after game? Do it without the propaganda" æ

Licht -- An amiable tree-hugger and touch-pad master, but don't let it fool you; he's deadly when tempted. Likes to let everyone else battle while they don't realize he's becoming the biggest with the smallest income. Take that lowly income and you'll certainly die with or without him. Occasionally brings out the light from some secret location, letting it shine brightly before hiding it again.

Lincoln -- The 16th President of the United States or a type of car ... in any case they both rock!

Loki -- He's back!! Norse God of treachery, mischief and malevolence. Any wonder he has a bad rep?! Plays for keeps, explodes with startling alacrity if the cards come out right. Not a suicider, but has been known to engage in serial homicide with delight.

Llux Llama -- This social, soft and furry camelid luxer displays their predictable low-key temperament until threatened. Occasional spitting can be expected when cards become available. Llux Llama is Head Missionary of "The Llustrious order of Lluminated Llamas", though nobody seems to care.

magpie -- a player who likes to win, will seek revenge if he thinks he is getting screwed. been known to seek revenge for very little things, do not cross him ... oh, and furball says: "Really cleaned up during Luxtoberfest, eh ?!"

*Manimal -- A peculiar creature known for his obsessive licking habit and insatiable appetite for scotch flavored cookies ... the self proclaimed "Lux Cutie" lulled everyone into submission during Luxtoberfest III with his brilliant charm and frightful good looks ... thus winning five competitions, medaling in eight and being recognized by his peers for two more; a Luxtober best of fifteen awards ... despite this treasure trove of bling, *Manimal has won only a single weekly competition, under a cloud of suspicion that paranoiarodeo willingly sacrificed his Sunday best RAW to a horde of newbies ... ooohh ... also known to whine publicly about his inability to climax at the proper time ... 3-round Asia hold, suspected to be the earliest to date.

Marauder -- Aptly-named Luxer with an insatiable taste for raw; he'll bust down your back door, front door, or your windows in his quest for raw. But he'll thank you afterwards for your contribution. Ω

Mattman160 -- A slightly better player than Mattman159. Most of his kills are for some kind of perverse sexual pleasure, but sometimes he kills for cards. If you let him win once in a while, he may make you a paper boat (again for sexual pleasure). Believes that the Asia Bonus and Pie Heaven just MIGHT be a trick. << MrBuckin the Impaler is now controlling player Mattman160 >>

Maw1028-- Name: Mandy Age: 16 Gender: Female Location: Alabama Status:Single Situation: Student A little about yourself: I'm Mandy, and I live down in da south! I have an older brother, Cuarto, who just recently quit lux :( and quite a few other friends on lux who live in my city. You know who you are :) I love soccer and am currently playing for a U15 boys soccer team. We aren't that good but hey i get a lotta playin time :D in my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my friends! Oh... I have a 180 pound dog, who still looks like a puppy! since i know yall all wanted to know that! 'nother random fact: my favorite color is blue! ~insert HUGS! here~ -- She is the Lux best friend. She’s a mawnster on the deux maps and not too shabby at classic either. Her beauty is accentuated by her big red nose. She regularly patrols the forums cheering up the downtrodden and pulling the forum out of the sewer when it starts to spiral out of control. Just be aware that she is not all sugar and spice though. Get on her bad side and you may be told to stfu or…GET MUTED!!!! Did I mention the nose? (Kef mutes ~MaW~!!)Ω Member of §(clown division)

Mazza -- Name; Andrew Age; 32 Gender; Male Location; Adelaide, Australia status; Married to lucy for 4 years now, 1 beautiful daughter, Chelsea, approaching 2 yrs of age Situation; Own a concrete pumping business with my father, early mornings and hard work, but normally home fairly early in the day, which allows me to play some lux before family time. i love eating and cooking, im a very competitve person in almost everything i do; am a Roman Catholic but am interested in other religions/people's views of the world, i enjoy people's company and learning bout the issues of the world, philosophy, but am just as comfortable hangin out by myself. Love reading, believe that knowledge is power, and the pen (and brain) is definetly mightier than the sword......i love sports, all sports, especially Football (soccer) and named my daughter after the Chelsea Football club, my premier club in the UK. you think that's cruel, it's lucky i didnt name her Juventus........ -- One of the original BANE team members. Also known as Mazzaratti for his speed and quick killing abilities. He always plays to win and prays on easy targets. A friendly and honorable player, you can always catch a good competitive game with this stallion in the race. Beware as he might claim BANE FOREVER.

mbauer -- Aka 'mb' is a map-maker supreme. He is responsible for the World War series, Castle Lux, and others. He brought map-making to a new level. Also a great guy and quality player, he looks FABULOUS in a pink feathered boa. Secret lover of Booth and Leader of the Anti-Holy Church of Lux. he has been seen sneaking in el toro's room late at night to "polish" his medals. mbauer smells of dill because of the pickle/peg in his butt. Also can't tell the difference between a pole and a peg. Has secretly been hired by Sillysoft for foreign spy work. IS a truck, despite his protests to the contrary.

mentor09 -- Nice Lux Player & a great host as well. He is hosting the inofficial lux ranking page: & is also responsible for the creation of a lot of tournaments & Awards. On his mirror rankings page you can see the results of his Manic Monday tournaments or his monthy varying tournaments. Gladiators was in December & was a lot of fun for many luxers! Keep the fun tournaments coming Mentor!

mercer -- Beware, he will take over a bot to change the outcome of the game.

Meron -- djdee thinks he's the nicest player in lux, Qwert1965 thinks he's the laziest and uses his name as a verb ("he is meroning for 5 turns now"), trinket thinks he's mysterious (for some reason), but judging from his win ratio, he's probably just trying to study the game. his nickname is marathon meron. Puppy admires his fair play and sense of humor.

mic -- mic is drunk. How drunk you ask? Jaw-breaking drunk

Micella -- The baddest Slux of Lux. She is one of the highest seed Roman Empire 2 Players. Currently seeded 7th and always rising up to the top. Beware of her evil demon eye, it has the power to seduce men with a glance or sear souls from flesh.

michaeloh -- an extremely timid and unfocused player. Bad at math and has hand-eye coordination problems. Keep him as a distraction and he will guarantee your winning.

michelle -- Michelle is one of the Lux community founders. She was a major player from very early on enjoying both sustained rankings success and a reputation for friendliness. She joined the forum mod squad as an original member and has been enlisted ever since. Rumored to be a member of the first couple to get together because of Lux. "True goodbyes are the ones never said or explained."

microtonal -- micro, or 'tonal, as he is otherwise known, has given up writing the unwritten rules for lux hosting, and is instead considering writing a turtle treatise as he is sick of continually defending the legitimacy and profitability of this strategy. he loves playing, hosting, and SET. he usually holds a couple of the highest weekly RAW scores ...

Mike -- Name: Mike Age: 37 Gender: Male Location: Atlanta, GA Status: Engaged to be married (is that a status?) Situation: Independent 3rd Party Sales Representative A little about yourself: I am into music - sci-fi, travel, camping, mac user. I am really bad at these sort of things - I wish I was better at photo-shoppe and making maps.[/ -- Master of the Game, and post master as well. A follower of the Anti-Holy Church. Usually Plays at night ... very friendly ... likes to eliminate bots ... but beware when they're gone. Never seen in pictures with Hot Carl!, rumored to work at Daily Planet ... ?!

mini meani mussolini -- A foul mouthed SOB with a big ego. He enjoys making rude comments and jokes (he used to play under the name Baby Hitler and Krazy Kolonist). Feel free to /mute him if it bothers you. Has some skills on the battlefield.

MinorKing -- There is nothing 'minor' at all about this King. Steer clear of him on the board; if he is hit, he hits back.

MissChaos -- Name: Jessica Age: 34 Gender: Female Location: Sweden Status: Married Situation: Sick-listed because of my diabetes together with my pregnancy A little about yourself: I have three kids (but my first child died when she was 4 days young), expecting no 4 in February next year. I enjoy reading, but I rarely have time for it. I love to go out with my friends and dance. I also love to spend time with my husband Preacherman, even if I think he is a pain in the a*** most of the time... :wink: I'm counting the days until we can go back to Scotland and visit Preach's father who lives there, I fell in love with Scotland, and I hope that we, one day, can live there... -- Probably one of the best Hex players around, but an accomplished player on most maps, and a great host. Her easy going attitude and sense of fair play has made her very well liked by the community and she is of course loved to pieces by her hubby, Preacherman. Her avatars are often the talk of the community. MissC also has a great sense of humor, bringing laughter to all, and also has a great taste in other women.

mnemosyne -- Rocks. Hard. What more is there to say?

molideha -- This acronymic character has been seen waiting near an ever growing mountain of discarded bar napkins; eager to place microwagers (¥20) on various feats of skill and chance in Luxworld ... rampant whispers amongst the shadows speak of an offshore ticket window; generous odds given and negotiated. Ask politely and perhaps moli will guide you through the underworld, sharing a tiny smile or two along the way ... wicked Astros fan; "Welcome to 5th ... moron!" In his spare time, he makes up creative nicknames for his next incarnation, and does quite well at it. Creator of the Winner Takes All ranking system.

Moo Cows -- Bovine Supremacy, Dairy Warfare and being a pain to his old man are his ghastly plans!!!!

mood in dhingo -- Native tongue: dada-speranto. A rawhore who also likes to play impetuously and impulsively, by sense of smell. Suffers brash nOObiciders poorly. Hypes his anarcho-bacchanalian marching band, and peppers his love advice with dashes of Yiddish.

morts -- Nice and always friendly british guy. Everytime a hard fight to play against him, but he always keeps fair. You will meet him especially in the MOTW maps.

Mouldy Dog -- Danger keep out!!!! Deep water!!!! Beware his ax!!!!

MrBuckin the Impaler -- Cover your rear when the Impaler is near. Friendly, but dangerous. A fan of in-game and forum drama (Lux soap opera). Admires & emulates the "old school nasty" style of play. Always ready for an income or retaliatory strike unless plotting for a double, triple, quadruple, or quintuple kill. Toddly's pimp & Mattman160's puppeteer.

Mud -- Name: mud Age: 34 Gender: Male Location: Mill Valley, California Status: Married Situation: Emergency Medicine Interesting Details Train hopping dharma bum, union political officer, world traveler, once lived in a tree in a county park, surfer, poker player, former search and rescue instructor, practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine. -- Old-Schooler. Usually friendly, always polite. Not the fastest luxer but good with strategy. Author of the best selling book "Zen and the art of the suicide" Founder of the Lux Anti Complaining Club (LACC). Only player to master all levels of Ancient Empires Lux.

Mumps -- Name: Ben Age: 15 Gender: Male Location: Sydney, Australia Status: Relationship Situation: Student A little about yourself: Never been out of Australia, done athletics for New South Wales, play football(soccer) and think it's the best game ever, love my music -- 'Can't play- Mumps!' -- Don't you believe it. This friendly Luxer is akin to that other legendary Australian beast, the drop bear. You'll still be thinking how cute and cuddly he is when he bares his fangs and drops for the kill (or double, or triple). Natural habitat: any map with players; often in multiple games at once just to keep it interesting. Active season: Year-round, but has a particular attraction to Luxtober medals.

Muskie -- Always bites more off in retaliation ,,, stay away from Rock Pile and we will play nicely ,,, wubs rum, commas, and sushi ,,, Part of the 'Chicago 3'.

Mushy Peas -- Mate to few, foe to many, always a skillful killer, never to turn your back upon. Can usually be found hanging out in the ghetto of bio, trash talking while tearing up the board. Sometime in February 2013 however Mushy Peas was kidnapped by terrorists as yet unknown. The result is an eerie quiet that now follows every move or kill. Where once there was trash talk, now there is only silence.

my wife hates me' -- Name Kevin Age: 32 Gender: Male Location: Springfield, MA Status: Married 5 wonderful years to Bethe, 2 Kids (Monsters), Evan (4) & Braidyn (2) - 2 Cats and Seamus, the 80 pound lap dog Situation: Owned my own business till the economy drop kicked me outta my house and back into work as a printer. Living with the inlaws till I get some of this debt paid off. Musician (guitarist), spent 18 - 22 doing coffee house gigs then 22 - 27 playing all over New England in a hardcore band. (met Bethe at one of my concerts, lol, groupies) Spend a large part of the summer camping in Rhode Island down near Long Island Sound where Dad-in-law charters a 4 man fishing boat. He takes me out fishing now and then but the only thing I've ever caught is his boat prop! Started biking to lose weight and did pretty good (lost 30 lbs) and I'm thinking about going sking this winter for the first time. Rabid BoSox? fan, love football but don't really have a fave team. b?Places I've Been:/b? Up and down the East Coast, Arizona (Bethe went to NAU), California, only been once but absolutely loved it. Took a whole day and drove highway 1 up the Pac coast from Frisco to the border. I have family in Quebec but don't get up there nearly enough. b?Places I Want To Go:/b? Would love to drive through Europe someday but I'm more of a homebody and though the older I get, the more I hate winter, but I don't see myself ever leaving New England. -- If he stays at work to play Lux and goes home late one more time, then surely we may find this player in the dog house, again (hence his other nickname "K Dog"). To beat him, just wait till his greed takes hold. Let him win, and he'll explain why he can be ruthless on the battlefield. Member of §

Natya -- retired -- Not Natas ... not even close. This he/she has wit and charm. Don't listen to the Siren's song. One of the best players in WWII Europe ... so watch out. Natya got into a fight with Sillysoft over the forum moderation and has been absent since then.

newbeslaya -- As one of the younger dominating luxers, he enjoys many thrills in Lux: such as climbing the raw ladder, though he has slowed down recently due to schooling, and slaying "noobs," hence the name. An otherwise consisent Deux and Bio player, newb flourishes with his dominating brilliance and unsurpassable strategy. One better have their wits about them when competing against this willful maestro of Deux.

nietzsche -- Tries to be nice and friendly but deep down a cold, calculating villain. Definitely to be avoided in long drawn-out games.

Nimrod7 -- Name: Dan Age: 36 Gender: Male State of Residence: Pennsylvania Status: Married Situation: Working part-time for RGIS A little bit about ME: Hidey ho folks. I am a 1994 graduate of Lycoming College. I have a BA in Business Management. My work background is food management, and I'm trying to get into a different service industry to try something new. I've been married to Sue for 14 years in December. I enjoy Lux, comic books , and reading. I have a brother with two nephews and a brother-in-law with two nieces. My sister-in-law is in the movie business with a dream of owning her own studio. Of course Sue wants to work with her, so who knows what I'll be doing in five to ten years. -- aka " Nimhat" A cool player and a nice guy with big feet and a red nose. Also a founder of the famous and great Clowns Unite that he and Clownleader Golfmannen invented in 2007. Often seen together with the other clowns: Golfmannen, General K, Deuce, C-Rex, Maw, Wabbit of Doom, RATMOUSE, N00less Cluebie, and Jesterme. Nimrod is one of the most welcoming of players in the luxiverse, he will show u the ropes. Eastern Emissary of NATO......... Member of §(clown division)

n00less Cluebie -- The greedy win percentage says it all. Players that value their raw should probably play elsewhere. n00less can be difficult to locate since he plays on every conceivable map. Member of §(clown division)

OakHouse Djdee's dad . . . . . .loves bio hazard . . . .and will asshat without compromise . . . .

Odelay -- Name: Garrett Age: 27 Gender: Male Location: California/near the water Status: GF of 4 years Situation: I have been a machinist for 9 years, programing for just over 2 years. I love working even though I hate it, as is life I guess. As for hobbies I enjoy my R/C truck (its not a TOY its a HIGH PERFORMANCE MODEL!!! ;] ), frisbee golf, video games, my pets: 2 birds, 1 dog, 3 aquariums (1 tropical, 1 turtle, and 1 brackish.), beer, and music.

One Big Wave -- Often seen tying people to trees and stop signs, then gagging them. Not at all sneaky, he can still wipe the board with you. <<SET was elimanated by One Big Wave before the start>> He also has a sunburned neck.

orlando -- A mysterious latino man who plays by the name "orlando".

Owned -- a fine young bloke who has much potential. give him some time and he will be one of the best. Owned is a member of Ω. Also a member of The LLustrious Order of the Lluminated Llux Llamas.

Packman -- MVP of the 2007 Lux Castle Tournament and an all-around great Luxer. Don't underestimate him. Don't make him mad during a Packer's game either. One of the 3 "Marathon Men" in Lux. Member of Team Water in Castle Tourneys and Team Michelle's Boys aka Not just Creepy. A consistently positive voice in the forums. Recently added to the Mod Squad. Not only is Packman all of that, but he's an amazing person in general :) I've never met a player that didn't like him. He also has a kitty about to be named Manny. Most common line he uses, "Packman chucks his dice."

pale kate -- Known to travel long distances to fulfill her desire for a quality spanking. She will also spank you back if you show any weakness ... also, she can and should be blamed for most anything; punish her accordingly. Also, needs to come play more cause we miss her.

Papa -- This luxer wubs everyone, but dig the essential truth: this cat's 51% angel, 49% devil SO DON'T PUSH IT.

paranoiarodeo -- One of the very best Classic players ever known to Lux. He holds a number of records, including a huge lead in the amount of weekly first place medals. He is the first person to reach 20 first place medals, not to mention 50!. He has also been a source of some controversy... (Mawnster HUGS PARA!) Has an inclination to nod instead of talk, shrug instead of laugh, and drink scotch instead of..... does he ever drink something else? Host par excellence (three-time Luxtoberfest Best Host!), ruthlessly fair moderator, and rather handy with an icepick to boot. PIPC

Pars --Banned-- The Persian Purveyor of Punishment. This Luxer can be an honorable player unless he perceives you to be an asshatting, half-killing, back stabbing SOB. If you are perceived as such, watch out. Pars transforms into Pars-Hat. You know you’re in trouble when he puts on his pink shoes. You better run for cover because there is no hope for you then. Creator of a Classic Map Tutorial ✱ pars has joined with watch only status!! ✱.

Pauley -- Pauley can somehow make something out of nothing. He should be renamed Ninja Pauley, he will appear out of nowhere to take the game. Don't wait and hope for mental errors. He has played the 3rd most games in lux history and is gaining on the top2 so watch out. Just ask and he will help and he loves to help new players feel comfortable and greets old ones as they reapear! Maybe the greatest singer in lux history!!!

pcristov -- This is a truly blessed and gifted womanizer who happens to play a very good game of Lux when he's not in the shower. He has been known for his relationships with various attractive women at Lux like: sexy Laney6969, beautiful Miss Chaos and not to forget supermodel The Viking (please don't tell their husbands!) But this is all no miracle when U know he has the sexiest ass in Lux. Meet him in one of the MapOfTheWeeks early in the week and talk to him, you'll find him very good company! Also known as showerboy one of the biggest cry babies in the lux community. pcristov was the first player to reach 10,000 games.

Pi -- The friendliest player who can beat you consistently, but somehow you'll feel ok with it.

Pierce34 -- By far the sexiest luxer and pretty dam good too.

PJB -- Name: Peter Age: 27 Gender: Male Place of Residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Status: Relation Situation: Got a bachelor-degree in Communication & Media. Currently working in our family business two Gyms(Health clubs) and a Swimming-school. I also own a small business in media and design. Got a girlfriend for 5 years now . I love to play tennis and play a lot of poker:).

Plane Crazy -- Name: Glen Age: b. 1959 Gender: Male Location: San Diego Status: Married 20 years, 2 kids, girl 18 and boy 15 Situation: On vacation. A little about yourself: Pilot, sailor, fisherman, sci/fi nut, loves ganster rap and hip hop and classic rock. Build and fly R/C airplanes. Oh and I play that Lux thing too much....

Plato -- ( pleɪtoʊ ) founder of the Academy of Lux in Athens, silly player in the rest of the world. Plato's is well known for his use of philosophy, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, and occasionally uses them in Lux.

pls -- Name: Paul Age:[Born two days after the end of WW II. Yeah, I'm THAT old. Gender: Male Place of Residence: Topeka, KS - USA Status: Divorced Situation Retired after 34 years of teaching English, journalism, and Spanish. Also was a radio DJ/newsman, newspaper editor and reporter, photographer, telemarketer (ugh), cemetery lot salesman, and others I've thankfully forgotten. Now trying to reinvent myself as a young adult novelist. -- rumor has it that pls is a player with a well-established chainsmoking history. Only recently it was discovered that he didn't even have an entry in the PlayerProfiles which indicates what an elusive type of guy he is. Nevertheless he's older than the bigger part of the lux community and to mistakenly believe his name stands for politeness, let alone weakness, in the battlefield may be the last mistake you can make.

Preacherman -- Name: Paul Age: 37 Gender: Male Location: Sweden Status: Married Situation: Self-employed programmer A little about yourself: One daughter, and another child on the way with my wonderful wife MissChaos. We also have two cats and a bunch of fish. I no longer seem to have the time or the money for hobbies but I used to enjoy traveling, skydiving, mountain biking, and conservation/ecology. -- The Pastor of Disaster. The Sinister Minister. Preach is a true force of nature. He was the first of the great mapmakers and he packs a good punch on the field. If he says "brb, coffee" expect 5 min. If he says "smoke break, 30 min" expect 2 hours. If he says "Nef is a bitch today", expect to die in agony with an offer of sexual compensation in your hotel room afterwards. By Nef that is, not Preach. Unless your name is ... never mind. Be aware, he knows latin ... Preach is a major player in the Semi-Holy Church of Lux, with his exact role being unknown. He maintained an iron grip on the rankings in his heyday. A member of the forum mod squad since its founding.

Precious -- Name: Kate Age: 24 Gender: Female Location: Florida Status: Married Situation: IKEA Interior Design Asst. A little about yourself: Im Kate not to be confused with PaleKate?. I play under my alias Precious. Im married to Nick aka SnyperEye and recently been introduced to motherhood with a little girl named Annabelle. I enjoy relaxing and getting a few games of risk in whenever I can find the time. I loved being very competitive as a young girl and lux gives me that chance to carry out that nature. -- Nice, but dangerous girl. Always a pleasure to play against her. She does not play often, but when she plays, she always can win. Team captain of Castle Team VIRTUE and castle winner 2009 and 2010! æ

Puppy -- Not to be confused with A Cute Puppy. Puppy usually communicates in third person. Throw Pup a bone and he'll be a friend for life. An unprovoked attack will generate rabies. Take the pups forum comments with a grain of salt or a shot of tequilla.

qwert1965 -- This Italian Luxer can always be found destroying armies in the Bio Ghetto around the reset. He's a great player, and has the medals to prove it. Very cool guy, always ready to laugh and throw down a great game. Rumors of his teaming with a certain British Bio Ghetto Dwella are greatly exaggerated. (see djdee)

Rated Insane Retired - GG

RCrum -- One of the least devious Lux personas one will run into, RCrum has some of the best Classic strategies that one will run into. Although he enjoys winning. he has been known to see how low he can get his raw, and, then, how high he can raise it with a single game by winning against the best Classic players around. His current low raw is 60. RCrum is quite the scheming player. Watch out!

redbeard -- Name: Matt Age: 26 Gender: Male Location: Baltimore MD Status: In a wonderful relationship with one of my best friends of 3 years now A little about me: I love plants and growing things. I was raising 10 different of species of bonsai for a while and a succulent garden with probably 40 species of plants. I am an artist trained at The Maryland Institute College of Art for printmaking. Printmaking is one of my great loves, but sadly it requires a studio and a lot of equipment to practice (a goal for the future). I've been employed as an architectural model maker for a few years now. It's an interesting job as I get to make exact replicas to scale of some pretty elaborate buildings and the environments they're placed in. Some of the models range into $500,000 to $1,000,000 and can get pretty ridiculous. with the collapse of the economy, i've had to find other work as well and have done some freelance prop production for commercial shoots. In my spare time I've really gotten into book making. Some of the more elaborately constructed books have cost me $150 or more just on materials. I've built up quite a stock pile though and am hoping to move to Philadelphia, get a studio, and mass produce some books for retail.

redrum -- A man who calls himself the ultimate object of desire, the mountain of molten lust, the one, the only - REDRUM! PIPC

Rigel -- Rigel broke his Lux cherry in the battle grounds of Classic Part Deux on January 20th of 2008. Rigel has very strong feelings about how he thinks the game should be played, and is willing to defend his logic verbally and forthwright. While watching one of his games I was impressed with his play and called him a KILLING MACHINE. Rigel is a strong opponent with a Lux sense of justice and is willing to defend his justice with both his armies and his quick tongue. You will now most likely find Rigel on the slaying fields of Rome II. Kjos <3 Rigel...

rob -- This narcoleptic nemesis will crush you when you least expect it. His surprise moves can infuriate and entertain all around.

RogueMonk -- One classy player! A frequent player, though often guesting (we think he studies the games and the players!). While fair and friendly, he is still one of the higher-ranking players out there. A pleasure to be pitted against.

Romina -- Nice girl from the austrian alps, friendly in chat, can be very patient - but dont underestimate her in endgame. For the win she turns into a deadly goddess .....

rottenboy -- Beware of the Rotten Boy..

Rubinski -- A cool luxer from Holland. He's known as well under the following nicknames: Winningski, Asshattinski, Backstabberinski... actually any adjective with a "inski" at the end will do! He is mostly famous for his creative name calling when he's angry. So don't be surprised if he calls you HENERAK when your nickname is actually General K!

Samuel99 Name: Samuel Paulin Age:25 Gender:Male Location:Lameque,New-Breunswick Canada.(I live on one of the 2 island at the extreme NE of NB. Status:I am with my girlfriend since a bit more then 2 years and a half Situation: I moved out to leave in an appart with my girlfriend last April.Im a supervisor in a grocery store.I tried to at the university, it was fun and all but I was just too damn tired of studying.when im not working I try to play this game as much as possible, but my girlfriend HATE it.Im pretty much a simple guys ,I like to watch tv Sports, go to the movie or in a restaurant with my girlfriend.I go see my sister, mu nephew and neice every weeknend ,Im really close with my sister.Mygirlfriend is gonna graduate from the university this april and we plan to buy a house in like 2 or 3 years and start a family. And for those who didnt know Im french and its funny but this game have helped me a lot with my english.

SantaClaus -- Just played for christmas or Xmas whatever u prefer . . . . . keep an eye on your chimney next year but a good sport all year round.

Saint -- Nice guy who loves to host. Saint has a huge crush on Laney, so expect his game to out the door if she joins.

Sasquatch -- If you ever doubted in bigfoot, you may just lose your cookies to this hulking hairy beast. Slowly, but surely, he will sneak up behind a tree and devour you to your very last card. Sasquatch was a member of the founding forum mod squad, but has since moved back into civilian life.

Savio -- Still a relatively new player though maintains a high percent win. Likes to talk a lot during games and make others feel that he is a harmless farmer before he strikes. He secretly hopes to become a raw whore and win the rankings for a few weeks until everybody recognizes his name.

Scad -- Name: Cody Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Haverford, PA, or San Francisco, CA Status: Taken Situation: College student, major/minor: English/Classics A little about yourself: I'm a junior English major at Haverford College, outside of Philadelphia. I'm a twin (fraternal twin boys) and an uncle of three, and I miss my cats, not my brothers, when I'm away at school. I'm heavily involved in theater (co-directing a show at my school atm), run the two performance technical clubs, and throw the best parties on campus (true fact.) I also live with and advise a bunch of freshmen, which is a pleasure and a huge headache. Over the summer I work at RadioShack? and don't get to play enough Lux.

Scepter -- Angry at times, pleasant most. But still easy to kill.

Scholesy -- retired -- Loves Man Utd., his favorite football team in Manchester, England. Despite the rumors his real is not ginger, although his temper rages red when n00bs suicide! FLASH! He's been seen recently online. Is he back?

Schroberts -- Almost created her own profile. Almost.

SET -- Old school 4,5,6 destroyer. Recently began listening to the Warlocks constantly again while playing. Enjoys being called a n00b by players who haven't even found the rankings page yet. Awarded a "Most Strategic Player" Lifetime Achievement award during Luxtoberfest II. Once held the number 1 seed position for 15 consecutive weeks and was the first player to achieve a seed weight below 2. Formed SLEEPY (The first Micronation of Lux) on Friday Sept. 23rd 2005.

Shadou69 -- Average player. Generally friendly with people, if they're French like himself. If they're not and he figures it out, then he plays for 6th in effort to give everyone else 7th of lower.

Shall -- A newer player that started in august of 2006. Known for their pathing abilities and fast play. Counting abilities are dubious some nights, resulting in streaky play of many wins or losses in a row. Will engage in asshattery with players if they try to make an underhanded, stupid, or asshat move against them.

shock-n-ya'll -- Actually Jerry Garcia from beyond the grave. In between teaching bands of angels how to play guitar on all the traditional tunes the Grateful Dead played Garcia enjoys a few games of Classic. His play at times is as beautiful as his guitar melodies once were but he often "nods off" in the middle of a game and waits for the action to come to him. Can be found lurking the forums and doling out worldly advice on everything from the guitar to directions around San Fransico.

ShockandAwe -- Name: Matt Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: IOWA!!! Status: Single Situation: College Student A little about myself: I'm an easy going person. Can't hardly go a day without my lux. Love playin my guitar, fishing, or golfing. Second year in college and am an only child. I don't miss a single University of Iowa football game and am originally from Council Bluffs. -- An excellent player and first place weekly medal winner. Get in his way, and he'll blow you to Kingdom Come. A member of Kingdom Fire and 2008 Bronze medal/2012 Silver medal winner of the Castle Tourney. One of his few flaws is his love of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

shopi -- This guy plays sooooo much Lux, he is a totally insane master. Right now he has won more games than anyone has played! He's French, but try not to hold that against him. Shopi's favorite color is pink ... he usually plays Lux with fluffy, pink slippers in bunny style, but don't stress this fact too often, lest you be "shopi'ed" sooner than later. (MostGamesPlayed; MostWins.)

Sidhe -- A dangerous temptress who keeps stock piles of fishnet stockings for when things get rough. Things have been especially rough recently, having fallen under the control of a mildly drunken Scotsman. Not only has she sacrificed her home town for Glasgow, she is also having to forfeit Sushi for Patina Gosht and Martini's for Pints of 80. Does this woman's love know no bounds?

Sir Holo -- Another noble player on the unending search for the Holy Grail of Lux. He'll gladly siege (or seize?) your castle and liberate your cards if you disrupt his search. He finds all challenging opponents, bots included, to be pleasing. He is an honorable player who will salute before killing you in the most horrible manner.

Smashley -- skyNut said, "how is it that cynd3r has a player profile on the wiki, but Smashlee-the-walking-party-metalhead-queen-of-awesomeness has none?" Ω Represent! Smashley is one of the best luxers around as her runner up for rookie of the year 2009 medal & other shiny bling will attest to. She will be very nice to when she kills you to run the board in classic. Also known to have a temper so stay on her good side or feel her wrath!

Smaug -- He tries to intimidate players with his scary avatar, but we all know he is all bark and no bite; although he is a strong like a dragon player. It should also be noted that Smaug stands alone as the only male Luxer who does not physically resemble Napoleon Dynamite. He is also a secret admirer of Orlando.

Smedz -- Scottish, Angry and Invariably Drunk! -- His gameplay tends to improve as the night draws on ... has an irrational hatred of suiciders and prone to the odd post defeat outburst ... "well ive been f*cked up by blind tw*ts who seem to think 4th is a success" ... always willing to help fellow players improve their strategy, record collection and taste in sweeties; has perfected the early evening collapse and will regularly be found cursing the very n00bs he was trying to help ... Despite his repuation for alcohol fuelled rage - he polled as 2nd best host in Luxdom (2nd only to the irrepressable BarStar).Like the Chicago 3 Smedz has been active in the real life side of Lux, proudly displaying his Met Xanadu, Met Zod, Met Pope, Met Muskie, Met Dustin & Met Toro badges. He of course cherishes his "Loves Sidhe" badge most of all.

SmotPoker -- Name: Zack Age: 31 Gender: Male Location: Microwave of the West, Phoenix Arizona. Status: Networking... hah always wanted to say that. Situation: That's all you need to know. -- The best way to play lux is to Poke More Smot!!!

Snarl -- Competent bio ghetto Dweller . . will suicide without hesitation . . has trust issues . . . . big temper when tested

SnyperEye -- NAME: Nick AGE: 26 GENDER: Male LOCATION: Clearwater, Florida STATUS: Married SITUATION: Gaming Industry research and developement ABOUT ME: I live a wonderful life. Im married to a hot suga mama named Precious and we have 1 daughter. I spend alot of time traveling helping out the family business. We have started to expand in South Korea as a test market and plan to break ground in areas of Japan next year. On my own time I spend time with the wife and baby and play alot of videogames since it coincides with my work. -- One of the originals of Preacherman's gang but pledges his allegiance to mbauer and the Anti-Holy Church. He is practically a bot; he spends his time studying the A.I. of Lux. He opened the Hotel Lux for his long-term guest for a wild and fun experience playing lux. He keeps the harmony in the Forums through interactive games. He currently dedicates his loyalty to the 10 Monkeys of the Apocalypse.

Soundboy -- Name: John Middle Name: Gerard A lot of my friends call me Harry. Age: 32 Gender: Male Location: Canandaigua, NY - The Heart of the Finger Lakes Status: Engaged Situation: Project Admin for a Mechanical Contractor A little about yourself: I think that I wish I was a DJ - if there was more money in it... or I should have gone to school to be a trainer or sports photographer, writer, etc. - that way my hobbies/passions could have made me money. I graduated college with a BA in Sociology after 12 years of screwing around, changing majors, transferring schools, and running around a lacrosse field. I have a 2 dogs and a job that sometimes lets me play Lux, and pants that no longer fit me as a direct result. I'm hoping to change that - the pants, not the job. -- The Official Sonic Turtle. He has the medal to prove it too. Sonic is the master turtler. He doesn’t do this to play for second or third either. He uses this looked-down-on strategy to win. He can bide his time and turn a weak position into a strong one. Northern Emissary of NATO. Ω æ

SpaceAttak1 -- The origins of this relative new-comer remain unclear. Speculation he was British proved false after he admitted not knowing how to make a cup of tea. He does have an Englishman’s sense of good sportsmanship though, but ass-hats should note – he may brutally punish inconsiderate play. A talented all rounder and self confessed ‘lurker’, he is a stealthy threat even when things aren’t going his way and while his friendly banter may be entertaining, don’t be fooled, he frequently has the last laugh. Notable achievements - 2009 ROTY tournament winner

SunTzu -- Name: Dan Nickname: Mojo Age:31 Gender: Male Location: Bethesda, Maryland Status: Married, with three kids (6, 3, and 1.5) Situation: Web Developer Interesting Details:*?I was born in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania. *?I have Narcolepsy, I'm legally blind, and I wear hearing aids. *?I was a whitewater kayak slalom racer when I was a kid. *?I used to be an avid skier, at least until I had an accident that involved at least 10 different trees... *?In high school I was a hurdler on the track team and I drank pickle juice at almost every track meet. *?I once slept outside during a tornado in Mexico. i?At least they told me it was a tornado, it was probably just a strong windstorm./i? *?I've never had a driver's license, yet I've driven over 500 miles. *?I have degrees in Physics and Music, so I know how to move a piano. *?I'm a former World Champion piano player. -- Protégé of mbauer, another Supreme Luxtographer in the Mapmakers Guild and and acolyte of the Anti-Holy Church. He is willing to tutor those in need of a few quick tips on map making. He is equally willing to "teach" anyone he meets in a forum game... especially in Mafia, where his hosting is legendary. Don't shoot the piano player!

SuperGood -- Name: Kalee (pronounced Kay Lee) Age: 37 Gender: Female Location: Northern Arizona Status: Happily Married - mother of 6 Situation: Wife, mom, office manager A little about yourself: Almost :( graduated from ASU in accounting - was the Assistant to the Dean of the Business college until we moved to Northern AZ. In my spare time (haha) I help to run our 3 businesses with my husband - a door and window company, a general contracting business, and an installation company for trim and windows. Needless to say, business is slow. I love my big family, traveling, I love to fish, going out with my friends, football games, I'm a great cook (really I am!), and I feel very blessed even though times are pretty tough right now -- She (yes, SG is a she) can always be relied on for a good game and a pleasant chat. Not a slux, but a fun opponent nontheless. Ω æ

Sylocat -- The only thing more annoying than an idiot is a genius, as the self-proclaimed Official Lux Kitten never gets tired of proving.

Taken(RIP) -- A reasonably competent player, proficient at killing for cards, but furthermore proficient at halfkilling for "personal reasons". Has some rather confusing ideas about "honorable play" in Lux, for example, if he lets you hold your income with nothing defending it, he expects you not to kill him next round if he has 5 cards, even if you go on to winning the game. Doing so regardless will result in your name being written in his black diary. Taken (Daniel Vovak) died on May 21st 2011. May he rest in peace.

TazzyGirl -- Name: Dawn Age: 32 Gender: Female Location: Hot as hell Arizona Status: Single Situation: Work full time as a hiring manager for a grocery store. I have an 11 year old daughter. I love to travel and be outdoors. Also love to just curl up with a book and be a hermit. -- One of 2009's most prominent Classic hosts. Almost always dressed in purple (a la Barney), Tazz has been known to come up with a timely TazzCash? and tends to use her lollies as a governing tool. It is much better to receive a lolli as a reward than to be bopped by one on the head. Colors and flavors available upon request.

Tech1 -- Name: Herb Age: 40 (dear god already) Gender: Male Location: Wheatland, Ca. Status: Married, 8 kids 4 grand kids Situation: Automotive Advertising Specialist For Freedom Communications A little about yourself: -- Well respected, Tech1 has been befriended by many in the Lux community. Few if any high seeded players of his caliber can boast of such popularity. Tech is currently on leave of absence to take care of his family. Recent forum quotes were to numerous to add to this profile to express how much Tech will be missed.

Tenderhobbit -- See Frogmind / the good doctor.

The -- (never) retired -- Strange name; polite fellow. Occasionally got angry at others. Unofficially holds the record for retiring the most times. What more to say ... ?!

The South African -- A peaceful man, but due to circumstances out of his control is forced to become a leader for his people and rid the world of tyrants like YOU!. p.s. No animals were hurt in conquering the world.

the tide -- Very patient, both as a player and at suffering lame tide puns, which occur regularly, much like the ahem tide ... or "high tide!" for saying hello ... former moderator; Luxworld trembles with fear...of socks.

The Wontrob -- Name: Ryan Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Connecticut, U.S. Status: Girlfriend of 1 year 8 months (NeoClassic? :)) Situation: Full time student of Psychology and Physiology and Neurobiology A little about yourself: I go to school at the University of Connecticut, where I study the aforementioned subjects. I am also one of the officers of the school's largest improv comedy group, and I spend a lot of my time learning how to be funnier and a better performer in general. I am a drummer, and spend a lot of time doing that for various shows and bands. I also referee soccer, and am currently a grade 6 with USSF, which means I can referee just about any amateur game in the state of Connecticut. -- Poppin Fresh! Or just poppin income. Either way, this college student needs money so he won't starve next semester. If you're in CT, stop by and give him some pizza.

TSK -- The Silken Knot (or better The Sunshine Knot) - she is the good soul of the lux games and the lux community. TSK is a woman fighting her happy addictions to Llama tassels & players named Michelle. It is always a pleasure to play against her and chat with her. Always friendly, always finds the right words to cool down a complex situation. But dont underestimate her! She is a tough lady and a very good player. If you pay her a compliment, you sometimes even can see her blush :-) Lux definitely needs more Knots, especially if they are like silken!

trinkett -- A dangerous player, trinkett takes no prisoners. Known for his poetic posts on the message forum, he is also competing with Hugo for the title of "Luxer most likely to half-kill you"........ but nothing is more fun in lux than watching them half kill each other. Will get his fiddle out for the occasional barn dance . After Luxtoberfest VI he recieved the Luxtoberfest Exile Award one of three handed out in 2009. Respected & Missed by many luxers. He was recently seen knocking on the doors of luxtopia, & haunting the forums. . .

underdog -- Has no problem playing for second; creator of a number of intriguing geometrical maps.

universalcat -- Meow. World-roaming no-drama old timer who drops in on sketchy wifi connections from time to time from European cafes and Turkish prisons. Almost met Bat Rastard. Sold Xrayspecs his beloved '79 Boxer. Has sampled Miss Chaos's famous Irish Whiskey. Plays for second with glee. His finger slips. Designer of bot "Preacherman". Hiss, Purr, etc.

upeng2005 -- An old time master of Lux, said to be second only to shopi himself. A sturdy player and an extremely prolific one, polite but rather taciturn in the chat box, plays with toy trains. (MostGamesPlayed.)

VinnyVediVici -- if you can get him to stop talking in a game, then you are simply amazing.

ViVaLosChichos --A friendly, sportsmanlike player who is a great host. This experienced Luxer is a tough adversary and literally flies around the map while killing willy nilly.

Volans A furry flyer who swoops down from the tree tops and lands quietly in the night. ▉ Will Restart: Volans is god

vonibot -- semi-holy ministry of semi-retirement -- Conceived and crafted the Bots First Doctrine; created Lux Ministry of Mindful Editing and Spelling (aka X) to advance proper usage of the English language in the forums ... in his own words, a defense of his doctrine: "Bots First is 'a code of conduct' and I wrote it because the level of play supported it: anyone can rampage; it's much more difficult to play with tact and tactic. Remember, laissez faire may be the norm but SAVOIR FAIRE is the answer!"

Wabbit of Doom-- Name: Laura Age: I was born in 1971 (that way I don't have to update) Gender:Girly Girl Location: Mowbray Mountain Tenn Status:Happily married to the sexiest guy I ever met. (Devils Brigade aka Wild Card aka Captain Asshat) A little bit about me: I had bone cancer when I was 9 years old and had to have my left leg amputated high above the knee. It is not a sob story because it made me stronger, wiser, and more resilient in every way. I am scared to think of who I would be if I had 2 legs, not to mention I would probably fall down. John and I work for ourselves at home. We buy, fix and sell cars. -- A dangerous red-nosed bunny with a penchant for chaos and destruction. This Wascally Wabbit is the Lux Clown enforcer. While she may not kill you the first time, she is tenacious. Coincidentally, she currently holds the record of the most missed/half kills in one game.

WaR_!LoRd-- An incredibly talented and lightning-fast player, as well as a whiny brat with no concept of "gracious losing." Formerly Warlord of the Ages. Holds title of Hardest Working Man in Luxdom. Holds over a dozen different aliases, including Identity Crisis, and uses them all. Watch him make 4 or 5 kills in a row, he's very fast!

WebDaemon -- δαίμων (daimôn), "supernatural beings between mortals and gods. Web will charm you until you realize you just lost. Play in another room if you value your raw.

WhirlPlaid -- -- Much-loved self-confessed hippie AND punk. His Winner's Picks hosts are always a good time. Often hangs out in the Roman Empire II rooms, unless there's a Cube Wars game to be found. He's a lethal force on either map (and most other maps, for that matter). In forum games, not so much... there, he has a special "gift" for dying early in Round One (a.k.a. whirlplaiding).

Will Restart -- One of Lux's most controversial players. A talented player that may give you a great deal of appreciation for the mute button.

William Wallace -- A Rome2 player who is not afraid to venture on to other maps. He is the proud holder of the lowest raw score. But don't let this fool you. He is a skilled Luxer who has achieved third place in the weekly medal chase. He is also the 2009 winner of best map for his contribution to the Thirteenth Century Europe Map.

xrayspecs or xrayspex -- A very good player, this personable and witty Luxer will see right through you. His games, like his forum posts, often start off confusing and go downhill from there.

Yo Daddy -- One of the youngest Raw Whores and perhaps the most lethal! He burst onto the scene and quickly climbed into the top 3 seeded players. You will mostly find him in the Deux rooms, but he has been known to occasionally suicide in the classic rooms and on very rare and special occasions he may even play motw

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