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Hosting a Private Game

Start hosting a network game game with the 'Advertise game internet-wide' checkbox turned OFF and you have a private game. Only people you tell your IP address to can join you. You can use the telephone, instant messages, email, or any other method to tell people your IP.

Joining a Private Game

At the bottom of the Join Game window there is a spot labeled 'Private game address' where you can enter the IP address of a private host to join it.

If you're on the same local LAN network as the host, then you should enter his local IP address. The Lux host will print this out in the chat when it starts.

If you're not on the same local network as the host then you'll have to enter his internet IP address. The host can find out his internet IP from here:

Note that if you're joining over the internet, and not just a local network, the host will have to make sure his firewall and router are setup to allow connections.

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