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Online Rankings and Awards

First off, you should be aware that you have a stats page. Click the rankings link, enter your name to find your user page which lists your awards and details.

Your wins/losses and win percentage are there, along with your weekly rank, seeding, and plenty more info.

Each Sunday you start with a base "raw" of 500 points. This changes based on wins, losses, and level of competition in each game. Your weekly rank is based on your raw compared to everyone else's raw.

RAW change after each game is based on the raw of each player. For maximum raw gain, beat players who have more raw then you. For maximum raw loss, lose to players with less raw then you.

Fast time games (25s or below) and high continent % games result in less raw change for winners and losers.

Next Sunday the week is tabulated, our Raw resets to 500 again and we all start over.

Weekly reset is currently every Sunday at 6pm eastern standard time.

Seedings are calculated from the weekly results over the past 4 months, so it takes a while before you get seeded. Get a good rank at the end of the week to raise your seed.

Long-term seeds are based on the best scores over the last year.

Stars are like benchmarks. You get a silver star for each 100 games you play. You get a gold star for each 100 wins you get.

MOTW Scrolls are awarded to winners on the online Map of the Week (MOTW). win a 2 or 3 human game, you get that week's parchment scroll.
win a 4 or 5 human game, you graduate to a Silver scroll.
win a 6 human game, you get the Gold scroll.

MOTW Trophies are also awarded for the overall winners of each MOTW contest. These trophies are gold, silver or bronze for the top 3 MOTW players, based on overall MOTW wins (and placement tally during the contest week.

Seeding Medals are shown based on your seed rank. This is currently the only medal which is temporary. It changes as your seeding changes, and if you eventually drop out of the seeds, you will lose it.

Weekly Medals are possibly the most prized of all awards. They are awarded for the top 3 players each week.

Special Awards: Each year in October you get the opportunity to win special awards in "Luxtoberfest" with special games, contests, and prizes. Also, other contests like the "castle tournament" or forum fantasy baseball can get you special trophies or banners for participating in these events.

Check out the 2009 Luxtoberfest Winners or the 2008 Luxtoberfest Winners for some nice award spreads. Mouse-over each award there for a brief description.

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