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Welcome to the Reaper page

Reaper version history

* 1.0 Reaper is born. He kills for income, and never attempts to take over continents.
* 2.0 Reaper learns about continents. He can also team with other humans.
* 3.0 Reaper perfects the art of killing: he tries out various scenarios in simulations before acting. He also learns how to perform multi-kills, and offer alliances.
* 3.1 Minor bug fixes.
* 4.0 Reaper is fine tuned for all the different card settings, and map sizes.
* 4.1 Reaper's chat personality becomes customizable. He can also form multiple teams in the same game.
* 5.0 Reaper handles continents more intelligently. He is much better on the non classic maps.
* 6.0 Reaper makes elaborate plans before placing his armies, and understands one-way connections.
* 6.1 Fixed to handle alliances correctly.
* 6.2 Better handling of dead-end countries, and fixed an intermittent bug when placing armies.
* 6.3 Fixed a bug when fortifying adjacent continents, and better game play on large maps.



Type reaper help in the chatterbox to get the list of commands.

Reaper will accept teaming commands *only* if his player name starts with T-, like T-blue for example.

* Reaper status
** list team and alliance status.

* Reaper team
** add player to Reaper's team

* Reaper team name
** add player to team , for multiple teams. For example, the Reaper named T-blue, or T-blue-A, will team up after you enter reaper team blue.

* Reaper noteam
** remove player from team.

* Reaper reset
** reset team to Reapers only.

* Reaper alone
** disable teaming and alliances.

* Reaper about
** version and contact information.

* Reaper wisdom
** a few words of wisdom from the Reaper.

* Reaper keywords
** reload Reaper.txt keywords file, for customizing options.



This idea was suggested by Aquaregia.

All the Reapers in a game can team up with one or more players with the Reaper team command, but what if you want each player to have a specific Reaper team up with him, forming multiple teams?

This is now possible in Reaper 4.1 with the Reaper team name command. For example if you have three Reapers in a game named T-blue, T-red and T-black, you could form three teams this way:

player1 enters Reaper team blue
player2 enters Reaper team red
player3 enters Reaper team black

For games with two players and four Reapers, you could name the Reapers like this:T-blue-A, T-blue-B, T-red-A and T-red-B. To form two teams:

player1 enters Reaper team blue
player2 enters Reaper team red


Customizing options

Whenever Reaper encounters his name in the chat, he will attempt to match one of the keywords and find an appropriate response. He can also sometimes match on the player typing the message: this enables you to prepare special responses for the persons you like to play with.

Reaper's chat personality can be customized by editing the Reaper.txt file in the AgentsFolder. The default file supplied with Reaper contains examples
and instructions.

To try out things in the Reaper.txt file, start a lux game with a Reaper, and edit the Reaper.txt file. To have Reaper read in the new file with your changes, save the file and use the Reaper keywords command. Chat with Reaper with your new keywords to see if everything works as you wish.

You could make Reaper speak another language by specifying the {replaceBuiltin} directive: all responses present in the Reaper.txt file will
replace the built-in responses. You of course have to provide the keywords/responses in the other language.


Global keywords/response wiki page

This idea was suggested by underdog - who will be heralded as a hero for it. Or perhaps live down in infamy. Or worse, be ignored. Who knows if this will work.

You can optionally let Reaper read keywords/responses from the web by including the following line in your Reaper.txt file:


The ReaperKeywords wiki web page can be edited by anyone, and contains lots of examples. Go look at it now.

This is a community experiment. Reaper will chat more intelligently if he has access to lots of keywords/responses.

You could also set up a wiki keywords/response page in another language, and point to it with the {loadFromURL} directive.

Comments and feedback section

Immortalize your brilliant thoughts and comments by posting them here! - Bertrand

Oh god is this fun. Reaper is going to be the most irritating chatter in the game in very short order...

How do I remove myself from the reaper's blacklist?
We formed an alliance, he attacked me, and I attacked back, and then was blacklisted. I can't figure out how to do it. Thanks very much. --navysealltblue

Reaper has a long memory, and will not change his mind about the blacklist. The only way to make him forget the blacklist is to stop/start Lux. - Bertrand

But for him to break the alliance by attacking me, but not allowing me to attack back for fear of blacklist? thats irrational... Might be something to think about changing for next version...--navysealltblue

There are only two ways to get into Reaper's blacklist: end an alliance too quickly (1 or 2 turns), or threaten him with bots first. So if Reaper decides to break an alliance, you can safely attack him without being blacklisted. If he offers another alliance and you accept, then wait at least two turns before breaking it. - Bertrand

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