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Wiki -> StartingScenario

You can include a set of starting conditions inside your map. To do so from the Map Editor:

- Switch to the 'Set Country Names and Starting Scenario' mode.

- Go through every country and assign it an initial owner value between 1 and 6. The maximum Initial Owner value you can have is 6, anything higher will not work. All countries in the map have to be assigned an initial owner in order for the scenario to work properly. You can not have any countries with empty ID values and you cannot skip any values (see the next bullet for creating empty lands). This value is the ID of the player who will start out owning it. An id value of 1 means the first player will own this country at the start of the game, a value of 6 means the sixth player will start out owning this country. But remember there does not need to be all 6 players in the starting scenario. If you want your scenario to only have three players then you'd only use the id values 1-3. Your map can have as little as 2. So if your map isn't condusive to 6 players then don't force them in.

-If you want certain countries to be "unowned" or empty at the start of the game then you enter that player ID in the box at the bottom of the 'Set Map Info' panel where it says 'Owner ID of the open land in the scenario' What this does is replace that player with an Empty bot or a computer player that does nothing and doesn't collect income. For example, let's say you are planning a 4 player scenario so you have entered Inital Owner values of 1-4 on all of your countries. But then you decide that there's one country on the map that is crucial and you don't want any of the 4 players to have an advantage by starting with it. Select that one crucial country and change it's Initial Owner value to 5. Open the 'Set Map Info' panel and enter 5 into the box at the bottom that says 'Owner ID of the open land in the scenario:' When you load the scenario that country will be occupied by an Empty bot. Remember Lux can only handle a maximum of 6 players and the "open land" feature takes the place of one of those players. So maps that utilize this feature only have 5 playable spots.

- You can also assign starting armies using the 'initial armies' box. The default is 1, and most people have the 'show one less army' preference set, so the map editor displays what it will look like to them.

- There's nothing that says "I don't care" more than just plugging in a permanent random start set up, so don't do it. Put some thought behind the scenario and be sure all the players are balanced.

When testing your scenario make sure you choose 'map starting scenario' from the Starting conditions dropdown on the main game window.

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