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! Team Lux !

Team Lux is a fun Lux variant! Team games play exactly the same as normal games, except you are working with other players so that your team is the last one remaining on the map. Continents must still be entirely owned by a single player to get the bonus, but teammates can block border points to help defend.

To join one of the human teams, all you need to do is to have played 50 normal games and then join a team host, identified with (TEAMS) beside the hosts name.

Games will operate on a 3 teams basis (2v2v2) or a 2 team basis (3v3). You should be able to tell the teams in any game by looking at the colors of the players. There exists a repository of TeamStrategies.

The [Team Rankings |] page keeps the running record of team games.

Sometimes game times will be announced beforehand in the forums, and sometimes they will be hosted impromptu. You can recognize the host by the (TEAMS) on their name in the tracker. The settings of games will be decided by the host, taking into account the wishes of the players.


'''Points structure''' : %%%
4 points for first%%%
2 points for Second%%%
1 point for third%%%

Teams will be ranked according to their average (points/number of games). There is no restriction on how many games you can play, and in the event of a draw (average) the team with the most games under their belt will be declared the winner.



Each team has a wiki page specifically for them that's linked off the team pages in the rankings:%%%

Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music Game brings world music to your fingertips.

Lux Delux advanced Risk game with over 1000 game maps, challenging AI, and online multi-player.

Lux Alliance diplomacy game is a simultaneous-turns team strategy boardgame. Diplomacy meets Axis & Allies game.

Lux Touch iOS risk game, and Lux DLX let you conquer the world on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Lux DLX android risk game

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