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Wiki -> Top 10 Signs you are a n00b

Top 10 Signs you are a n00b:

10. What everyone else refers to as a suicide, you refer to as sound military strategy.

9. You enter a game with armies higher than 100 and shout WOW YOU GUYS ARE GOOD!!.

8. You use the entire turn time to attack a single country, and you still have one hundred fifty armies to go.

7. You keep fortifying one guy backwards and forwards between two countries wondering why they don't all move.

6. You have no idea what Lincoln, ducks, and figs have to do with Lux.

5. You have no idea why you keep dying.

4. You didn't know there were forums, much less where they might be.

3. You chat too much.

2. You wonder why you never discovered the PI window earlier.

1. You play a game hosted by Loki, and he lets you stay in.

Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music Game brings world music to your fingertips.

Lux Delux advanced Risk game with over 1000 game maps, challenging AI, and online multi-player.

Lux Alliance diplomacy game is a simultaneous-turns team strategy boardgame. Diplomacy meets Axis & Allies game.

Lux Touch iOS risk game, and Lux DLX let you conquer the world on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Lux DLX android risk game

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